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Here Are Bea Alonzo’s Best Tips for Starting Your Fitness Journey

The actress lost 15 pounds in 30 days by listening to her body.
Here Are Bea Alonzo’s Best Tips for Starting Your Fitness Journey
IMAGE youtube/Bea Alonzo
The actress lost 15 pounds in 30 days by listening to her body.

We are all guilty of mindlessly munching food when we’re stressed. However, if you’ve been planning to finally get that push you've been waiting for to lose that quarantine weight, Bea Alonzo’s latest vlog on her YouTube channel will definitely inspire you to get up and just do it! 

Like the rest of us, Bea has tried different diet plans and changed up her exercise routines a couple of times so she could achieve a healthier lifestyle. Last February, she already began playing badminton and did pilates to mark the starting point in her fitness journey. But like all beginnings, there is always a setback at first. “It wasn’t an easy walk in the park,” she admits. With proper guidance thanks to her trainer and nutritionist, the apparent strength in her muscles now reflects how much effort she exerted these past few months to be all worth it!

PHOTO BY youtube/Bea Alonzo

Below, we list down Bea Alonzo’s five best fitness tips so you can have a jumpstart in your journey to a healthier body:

1. Gradually reduce your calorie intake.

 Bea was already doing her best to eat healthy even before she became active in exercising again. Since exercise and meal plans always work in conjunction, she started incorporating healthy diets with her low-impact exercises. Prepared with her nutritionist Ian Matthew, they started making meals that equate to 1,800 calories, then to 1,500 calories, and now, down to  1,200 calories per day. It just goes to show how losing weight doesn’t happen overnight.

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2. Do what’s best for your body’s needs.

There’s a reason why doctors tell us to drink at least eight cups of water a day and to sleep at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. To put it simply, it is what our body needs to stay energized! In the video, Bea emphasizes that she disciplined herself to get a good 8-hour sleep at most, to drink more water better than the usual amount she would drink, and to pamper your body’s skin when needed (and of course, for Bea, her go-to is The Aivee Clinic!).

3. Find the best fitness program for your body.

Searching for a fitness program that considers both your physical capacity and health needs is a must but could also be stressful to find. Her trainer, Coach Jay, reveals that he developed a Flexible Undulating Program (FUP) based on how much Bea’s body can take when it comes to exercise. “I also had pain in my knees because I used to run 5K a day but I was on the heavy side, parang nahirapan yung knees ko,” Bea shares. Because of this, her trainer had to transform her exercise program into a four-week routine that focuses on building strength and correcting her form. From there, the celebrity would exercise four to five times a week and have two rest days so her body can regenerate. Bea follows up this advice with a suggestion that it’s better to consult a doctor first before starting a workout program just to be safe. 


4. Don’t be afraid to start with low-impact exercises.

Similar to every other sport, exercise is the same in putting importance to how you effectively do the exercise. “Form is very, very important,” Bea explains. Her fitness experience did not only include a lot of relearning basic exercises, but she also took the time to remaster them so she could progress onto high-impact exercises. She further shows in her exercise routine that it is totally okay to modify your exercises into low-impact versions first, so you can start building muscle in your core and arms while also preventing yourself from possible muscle injuries. 

PHOTO BY youtube/Bea Alonzo

5. It is very important to feel good about yourself.

“When you’re healthy, you feel good,” Bea simply tells her fans. She puts weight on the fact that it’s not just your body releasing happy endorphins or serotonin you get from exercising, but because leading a healthier lifestyle is also a little victory in and of itself. “For me kasi, I like to invest in my health. You don’t have to follow me, but I hope this could serve as an encouragement para sa mga tao who’s trying to do the same,” she adds. 

We’re so proud of you, Bea! Your determination has definitely inspired us to start slow and steady in our own journey to fitness.

You can watch Bea Alonzo’s fitness story here:

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