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Janine Gutierrez and MJ Benitez on the Friendship of Fashion

MJ and Janine's longtime friendship is their style secret.
“When I remember that sophomore night—grabe nakakahiya!” Janine Gutierrez says laughing as she recalls, to what sounds like an unforgettable night involving bad outfit decisions, as she gets her makeup done. Beside her is stylist and former Preview Fashion Assistant MJ Benitez

You Have to See the Fiesta Themed Party Liz Uy Threw for Her Son

The cutest fiesta you'll ever attend!
Liz Uy threw a Pinoy fiesta for baby Xavi's first birthday and it's pretty much every Filipino kid's dream come true. Complete with colorful streamers hung across the room, banigs laid out on the floor, and our favorite Pinoy delicacies and drinks, it

Pia Wurtzbach is Madame Tussauds' First Filipino Wax Figure

A milestone you can't miss!
Fated are the few who get immortalized as wax figures in Madame Tussauds. Only the most influential and famous around the world are given the extraordinary opportunity, from British royals to international music sensations. However, ever since it opened in 1835 a

LOTD: You Can Find Liz Uy's New Favorite Accessory at the Beach

You'll see what we mean!
You know that old, LSS-inducing karaoke favorite titled Pearly Shells? Well, we can guarantee that you'll be humming along after seeing Liz Uy's new fave accessory. The tune is but an introduction to the real question: Would you wear a humble string

The Best Selfie Tricks We Learned From Elisse Joson

The girl knows her best angles!
It's a struggle to take a decent photo of yourself. You'll maybe have 30 pictures on your camera roll and still not get the perfect shot. But you know who has mastered the art of selfies? Elisse Joson! We went through her

Here's What Kiana Valenciano Wore to the Preview Ball

Did you know her outfit was inspired by builders?
Kiana Valenciano, one half of 10 of our Best Dressed pairs this year, absolutely nailed our 2028 dress code at this year's Preview Ball. She gave us a possible a peek into the future of streetwear, wearing pieces from two local designers

Janine Gutierrez Looks Absolutely Dreamy in Pastel Hair

We're living for her pastel moment.
If Janine Gutierrez's 2028-inspired look at the Preview Best Dressed Ball is any indication, then the future of her hair isn't bright—or any hue that's remotely neon. Instead, she predicts it to be more of a dreamy pastel—pastel purple, to be exact.From her Preview