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Here's How You Can Eat Salad Without Leafy Greens

Not all salads need to have lettuce.
Eating salads can be challenging when you're not a fan of lettuce. But who said a salad must be made of just leafy greens? You have so many options when it comes to salads that you don't have to stick to green

7 Food Mistakes You're Making When You're Trying to Lose Weight

Are you making your salads right?
If you're trying to shed a few pounds, the first thing you need to change are your eating habits (ever heard of the 80-20 diet-exercise ratio?). No matter what kind of diet you're planning on following, there are healthy practices that everyone

Mari Jasmine Shares Her All-Natural Beauty Secrets

Here's how she achieves her healthy skin and body.
Mari Jasmine is comfortable in her own bare skin—so much, in fact, that she’s living the “no makeup” makeup look from the inside out. Skincare, she says, “is 90 percent of what you eat and 10 percent of what you put on

How to Eat Less Sugar, According to Solenn Heussaff

She has the simplest tips for shedding those extra pounds!
In the Heussaff-Bolzico household, Solenn Heussaff is the designated cook. That's why when she and husband Nico Bolzico moved into a bigger home early this year, Solenn was particularly happy to finally own a bigger refrigerator and a stove. As a home cook,

This Diet Hack is the Solution to Eating Less Rice

Nutritionist Nadine Tengco weighs in.
Rice lovers, listen up. A nutritionist just found a way to boost your health game without cutting out your beloved grain from your diet. That, plus tricking you into eating more veggies as well. Curious? Keep reading!According to weight loss expert Nadine Tengco,

The Best Workout Meals for Building Muscle

Be inspired by our favorite fit girls!
The best times of your life, one way or another, are related to food—birthdays, anniversaries, and indulgent midnight snacking. And who said working out should prevent us from having happy tummies? Fueling your body with the right stuff before and after you

6 White Rice Alternatives That Won't Leave You Hungry

These might surprise you.
At the back of our minds, we all know that white rice isn't the best carb out there. But still, we can also agree that it's hard to quit. Even worse, the most popular alternatives for the white grain are terrible at

5 Reasons Why Everyone Seems to Be Raving About Turmeric

Meet our new favorite superfood.
With curry as its claim to fame, turmeric has turned into a phenomenon on its own. We can't stop hearing about its health benefits from food bloggers and the health nuts in our circle of friends. The medical world is crazy about

These Detox Juices Will Help You Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin

True beauty is skin deep, after all.
Nothing beats healthy food if you want to effectively pursue your long-term beauty goals. Even if you're busy (or lazy), your diet has to stay on track to keep your skin glowing. And what's a quicker way to get your nutrients in

Healthy Eaters Are Obsessed With This Incredibly Easy Recipe

Meet the buddha bowl.
Acai bowls were every healthy eater's obsession last year, and we totally get why. They're nutritious, incredibly easy to make, and most importantly, they're super Instagram-worthy. Aren't those all the qualities we ask for in a healthy meal? Still, even if we

Everything a Healthy Eater Needs to Stock in Her Pantry

Throw away that refined sugar.
Convenience is key to sustainable healthy cooking. Embellish fresh produce with select convenience products and enhance them with flavorful condiments, herbs, and spices for a win-win approach to good taste and long lasting good health.OILSMonounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are essential to good

How to Stick to Your Diet Even While Eating Out

There’s nothing that breaks a diet better than dining out.
Dining out is not an excuse for sabotaging your diet. Plan ahead and avoid weight gain by following these simple tips: 1. “Undress” your food—order simple foods without sauce. It’s hard to tell what is in certain dishes, especially those that combine a

5 Super Simple Recipes For Healthy Midnight Snacking

No to holiday weight!
The last thing we want to hear after getting back from the holiday break is, "uy, tumaba ka ah!" Lest you completely lose your cool and literally flip a table in frustration, why not take the extra preventive step and eat right,

7 Practical Tips on Food That We Can All Learn From Vegans

Who knew?
Not everyone may agree with vegans, but they do provide some of the best health tips around. Having that much knowledge about food and nutrition has actually made many of them our official fitspirations! And from stalking their Instagram feeds and reading

This Fast Food Chain is Making It So Easy to Be Healthy

Admittedly one of our favorite dining spots.
Breaking the idea that fast food is bad for you is the leading salad bar in Asia, SaladStop! More than just a dining establishment, SaladStop! is a movement that believes it's a basic human right to eat well. Because of this, the team