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Here Are Bea Alonzo’s Best Tips for Starting Your Fitness Journey

The actress lost 15 pounds in 30 days by listening to her body.
We are all guilty of mindlessly munching food when we’re stressed. However, if you’ve been planning to finally get that push you've been waiting for to lose that quarantine weight, Bea Alonzo’s latest vlog on her YouTube channel will definitely inspire you

Max Collins Talks About Her Weight Loss Journey After Giving Birth

She also urges women not to feel pressured to lose weight post-pregnancy.
Actress and health enthusiast Max Collins was not used to staying in bed all day, even after her challenging home birth. The 28-year-old had a daily exercise routine consisting of yoga and pilates, and she's been itching to get back to her workout

Everything You Need to Know Before Booking an Indoor Cycling Class

If you're looking for a new way to exercise at home, this might be for you!
You’ve seen it everywhere on Instagram: A dark room, neon lights, and sweaty bodies, riding on bikes with an engaging instructor. It's basically a dance party but on stationary bikes! Despite not being able to physically go to studios, we are still

How Running Has Changed My Life

Stronger, physically and mentally.
When you have a child, you want to stay alive to be able to witness and experience how his life unfolds. You want to be there for him. This was what triggered my running journey after realizing that my body has started

5 Beginner Workout Plans to Try this Summer

Easy tips from these Preview girls!
If you're looking to start a new workout routine to get your body summer ready but know where to start, then you've come to the right place. These Preview girls have a short guide on which routine you should adopt to get

The Best Workout Meals for Building Muscle

Be inspired by our favorite fit girls!
The best times of your life, one way or another, are related to food—birthdays, anniversaries, and indulgent midnight snacking. And who said working out should prevent us from having happy tummies? Fueling your body with the right stuff before and after you

Yassi Pressman Is Out to Prove That You Can Exercise Anywhere

No excuses.
What's your common excuse for skipping your workout? Well, after this video, you won't have any."You can exercise anywhere!" Yassi says enthusiastically, getting ready to do some lunges on the set. In this short and somewhat instructional video, our cover girl Yassi

5 Tips for Girls Who Have No Time to Exercise

For a healthier you!
For some people, the mere thought of preparing to work out already keeps them from getting out of bed. It's not always a busy schedule that gets in the way of having a proper workout routine. It could be the lack of

Why Friends Who Exercise Together Get Better Results Together

Buddy system is not just for elementary girls anymore.
Remember that Pitch Perfect scene with Fat Amy demonstrating her favorite exercise, horizontal running? That’s what we end up doing when our silky sheets triumph over us—and we want to avoid that. It’s true, the most challenging part of our fitness journey is

Here's Your Ticket To #twentyfourthin

Fitness First redefines the meaning of a cool club in the metro.
If you’re anything like me, finding to time to exercise at home would be comparable to a persistent suitor you know you have to entertain but are too scared (or lazy) to do so. I either need to be with friends, or

The Countdown To Laboracay Begins

With just a month left before one of the most anticipated summer events, we give you tips on how to get your body and mind ready.
It all started with newly employed peeps realizing that the term summer vacation doesn’t exist in world of grown-ups. For the working class, Labor Day is a (sort of) sacred day dedicated to celebrate the fact that they are, well, employed.  Since

Summer Is Just A Hop, Skip, And Jump Away!

Stop procrastinating and start getting that beach body you've been dreaming about!
With the cool breeze slowly dancing away, we know summer is coming, and it's heading straight for our abs (or lack thereof). Don't worry, as always, we've got your back. So here's a list of all the articles we've done on fitness

Beauty Lab: Trainstation Studio

Read about Kabbie's month-long experience on Trainstation's dance floor.
Weight gain has never been a problem for me until I turned 25. I was one of those skinny girls who can eat two cups of rice and not look bloated at all. Flat abs? I had that before, but as the

Staff Challenge: Yoga

The Style Bible Editors' response? Challenge accepted!
Since the holidays (also known as the binge-fest season) are slowly peeking in, the Style Bible Editors want you to get inspired to get your body healthy before, during (well, maybe not), and after the holidays. We hooked ourselves up with different

5 Must-have Fitness Apps

We pick our favorite apps to help you get fit anytime, anywhere!
This year we’ve seen the shift from just strict dieting to actually being physically active when it comes to working out and sports. There was a boom in fun runs, triathlons, and even new fitness routines that we all supported and got

Top 15 Celeb Fitness Workouts

Find out how these personalities stay in shape this summer.
More and more people are becoming health and body conscious but have no idea where to start. One surefire answer to this dilemma is exercise, and aside from it slowly becoming an "It" social activity, exercise has also been proven to improve

Body Conscious

We steal the workout secrets of five Women's Health cover girls to get our bodies bikini ready.
The summer months always resurrect a greater appreciation for keeping fit and eating healthy. With April just a few days away, we’ve been noticing women loading up on the greens, opting to leave out the carbs and politely refusing that second serving