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You Can Now Get Your Own Skincare Kits from The Aivee Clinic

They have products for acne, brightening, and anti-aging!
Regardless of how often you visit your derm for some luxe facials and lasers, your at-home routine is still key for a lasting glow. It's what touches your skin every single day, after all!In case you're due for a regimen update, why

Kathryn Bernardo Does This Exact Treatment for a Full Body Detox

Definitely much better than a sauna.
With summer fast approaching, you're probably looking for other diet- and exercise-free methods that'll help you shed that extra holiday weight. Going to a sauna, for one, is worth adding to your list of options. Though it's not exactly the trendiest thing right

KC Concepcion Swears by These Facials for Clear, Glowing Skin

She does them both on her face AND her body!
The secret to glowing skin like KC Concepcion's is more than just drinking a gallon of water a day. She's proof that committing to a skincare routine actually works, because she has her own secret cocktail of beauty treatments that gives her

What Is the "Hollywood Facial" and Why Do Celebrities Love It?

It uses a magnet to clean your pores!
When we think of a skin detox, two things always come to mind: clay masks and facials. Clay masks are amazing at drawing impurities from the skin, while regular facials are a must for maintaining clean pores. But what if we told