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10 Best Places Where You Can Get Your Cookie Fix in Manila

Go ahead and satisfy your cookie cravings!
10 Best Places Where You Can Get Your Cookie Fix in Manila
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Go ahead and satisfy your cookie cravings!

Whether you’re feeling blue or simply craving something sweet, a good cookie is always a delight to have. Paired with a glass of milk or eaten on its own, there's something about this sweet treat that instantly makes you feel good. That said, not all cookies are created equal—some are simply superior to others; those that look good on the outside and taste even better on the inside.

Here are some cookie store options that are sure to make you fall in love at first bite:

1. The Bald Baker


The Bald Baker is a home-based online bakeshop owned by Cy Ynares, the bald baker himself, who is famous for his hilarious Instagram stories and Compost Cookie— a party-in-your-mouth combination of ingredients he found in his kitchen.

Price: P600 for a box of eight

2. Cookies By The Bucket

Cookies that come in a bucket? Why yes, please! The freshly-baked goodies are available in many small stalls across the metro, offering four variations that include: the Classic Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Classic Crinkles.

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Price: P150 for 12 pieces

3. Notorious Treats

Notorious Treats is not a popular fave for nothing. Chew on their Shorty de Leche, a cookie similar to a shortbread topped with a huge glob of dulce de leche and a sprinkle of sea salt. Its crumbly brown sugar and melt-in-your-mouth consistency are notoriously unforgettable. Need we say more?


Price: 490 for a box of eight

4. Mo' Cookies

Cookies that are bigger than your palm, anyone? The giant cult-fave has all the right to claim the top spot in most lists of best cookies in the metro—what with its crunchy, gooey reputation. It's often voted as the number one chocolate chip cookie in town, and we're not surprised.


Price: P865 for a box of 12

5. Mood Bake

We're sure you've heard of this It cookie brand, owned by It girl Liz Uy herself and a certified favorite among celebrities. The famed Mood Bake kitchen is where chunky cookie dreams are made of. Dotted with heaps of chocolate chunks, the golden-brown, almost-always-sold-out cookies are perfect for those who want to be put in a good mood.


Price: P495 for a box of five

6. BLK 513

There’s no need for you to think twice because you can now indulge in your favorites sans the guilt! BLK 513 offers healthy cookies that are still tasty. They offer low calorie, gluten-free, and vegan options.

Price: P60 - P75 per piece  


7. Ben's Cookies

The well-loved bakeshop from London finally found its way in Manila! Ben's Cookies boasts of a wide array of "cookies without compromise," made with high-quality ingredients that are worth the price. No wonder people were lining up when it opened its first Manila store at The Podium!

Price: P450 per box (Buy 5 get 2)


8. Twenty Four Bakeshop

Twenty Four Bakeshop's cookies are fresh out of the oven, literally. The then online-exclusive bakeshop now serves their cookies warm in their physical store at Bonifacio High Street. Draped in pastel everything, the shop is not just a feast for the eyes; it also garners well-deserved attention with their mouthwatering cookies. Try their Campfire S’mores, a modern take on a favorite, made with marshmallow and generous amounts of Belgian chocolate that oozes out of the cookie as you break a piece. 


Price: 100-110 php per piece

9. Moloko Handcrafted Cookies

We now understand why everyone goes loco whenever they get a taste of Moloko. Aside from offering 12 sumptuous flavors that scream premium, their New York-style cookies’ perfect balance of being crispy on the outside and yet gooey on the inside is what makes their customers come back for more. We’re sure you’ll also find their Strawberry Kiss, a cookie infused with all-natural strawberries and Belgian white chocolate, to be berry good.


Price: 100-110 php per piece

10. Le Sucre Lab

Home to the sought-after Chocolate Dreamcake, Le Sucre Lab is all about indulgence. While their signature Dreamcakes get all the rage, their Triple Chocolate Truffle Cookie is equally irresistible and will definitely not disappoint you. It’s soft and fudgy, filled to the brim with dark chocolate that is perfect for those who want it bittersweet and brownie-like.


Price: 415 php for a box of 12

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