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Dra. Vicki Belo Has the Weirdest Way to Curb Her Chocolate Cravings

She's a self-confessed chocoholic!
Dra. Vicki Belo Has the Weirdest Way to Curb Her Chocolate Cravings
She's a self-confessed chocoholic!

There is little to no chance of meeting someone who does not love chocolate. Personally, I can finish an entire bar of Hershey’s in one sitting, and I’d still be craving a tall chocolate milkshake afterwards. Chocolate is life! But as we all know, too much of something is always bad—especially when it tastes so good.

So how can one take control of herself when a chocolate craving proves to be too much? Here’s Dra. Vicki Belo’s smart advice: Eat more chocolate.

Okay, that sounds a little confusing, but hear us out first! The self-confessed chocoholic and dermatologist to the stars is actually referring to a very specific kind of chocolate—yup, you guessed it: dark chocolate.

“I have been a chocoholic since I was two years old. I started eating dark chocolate because I noticed that it satisfied my cravings even in small amounts, so I’d tend to eat less and it actually helped my diet,” says Dra. Vicki, who told us more about her decadent obsession: “My friends and even patients know that I love chocolates so they bring me the best chocolates from all over the world. I get at least three boxes of chocolates every week and I can’t eat them all. But since they're gifts they are precious to me, so I ended up having two refrigerators and freezers of chocolates.”


Switching to dark chocolate is not bad at all—in fact, it has plenty of health benefits to offer. “Dark chocolates with a minimum 70% cacao is a very powerful antioxidant,” Dra. Vicki explains. “It also helps the body release endorphins mimicking the love hormones we release when we have orgasms so it makes people happy. It’s a delicious anti-depressant.”

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Dark chocolate has also been proven to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, develop cognitive function, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. It’s actually quite nutritious given that it contains soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals.

Now you know! So the next time you feel an unhealthy craving for chocolatey treats, you better switch to the dark side.

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