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All the New K-Dramas That Are Coming to Netflix This June

Who else can't wait for "It's Okay to Not Be Okay"?
Calling all K-drama fanatics! It looks like Netflix has your June watch list covered yet again. The streaming site is set to add seven more Koreanovela titles to their brimming library, headlined by Kim S0o Hyun's comeback TV series, It's Okay to

We Can't Wait to Try These Budget-Friendly Wireless Earphones

It's only around P1,200 in Philippine pesos!
These days, more and more gadget brands are coming out with wireless earphones—and in cute colors, too. If you're on the lookout for budget-friendly Bluetooth earbuds, you might want to check out Xiaomi's latest pair: the Mi AirDots 2 SE.The Mi AirDots

12 Chic Ways to Style a Cardigan for Your Next OOTD

Don’t underestimate its potential.
Oftentimes, the cardigan is an afterthought we typically throw on or stash in our bags in case temperatures get cooler. We never really think of incorporating it into our outfits on the daily, because the cardigan has always been that reliable, practical

8 Movies You Need to Watch If You're a Huge Mythology Fan

Brad Pitt in "Troy." Enough said.
If you're a Disney fan, then growing up you've probably sung along to I Won't Say I'm In Love from Hercules at least once; Meg was such a mood, tbh. But if the animated film characters got you interested in learning their

A DIY Recipe for Magnum Ice Cream Exists and We Are Mindblown

It's surprisingly easy to make it yourself at home!
You can always count on ice cream to keep you cool during summertime. Though ordering in may be your best bet, craving the sweet cold treat on the daily could soon be a problem for your wallet. An alternative? DIY your own!We’re

Seo Ji Hye Is a Style Star in the Making, and We Have Proof

CLOY's Seo Dan isn't the only one with a great sense of style.
As die-hard K-drama fans, we look to our favorite Korean actresses for inspo on anything and everything—from beauty, fashion, to yes, even food. Seo Ji Hye is inarguably one of our faves since she captured our hearts in that little series called

Places That Can Deliver Taho In Metro Manila

Missing your favorite morning ritual?
It's been more than two months of being at home where mornings go by without the neighborhood taho vendors outside peddling a favorite morning meal. While we miss this morning ritual, there are online shops that can deliver tubs and cups of

We Asked a Dermatologist to Answer Our Readers' Top Acne Questions

Solutions to your acne woes, right this way.
We've all been through enough skincare mishaps to know that you can't trust everything you read on the internet. For delicate concerns like acne (and everything that it leaves behind), the last thing we want to happen is to make things worse.

7 Fun Online Games You Can Play With Your Friends During Quarantine

Who says you need actual cards for Cards Against Humanity?
While the current pandemic has made it impossible to meet up with our friends, social media remains a major catalyst to keep us connected. That said, there's only so much you can talk about via video call before you're awkwardly staring at

Here's How Couples Have Been Getting Married Since the Quarantine

Could this be the "new normal" for the wedding industry?
With the world plunged in a global pandemic and everyone forced indoors, it seemed wedding celebrations were out of the question for the time being. In fact, the CBCP earlier announced that groomsmen and bridesmaids are no longer necessary for weddings this

How to Choose the Best Swimwear According to Your Body Type

Because a great beach OOTD starts with the right fit!
We'll just get this out in the open before diving in: It’s 2020, and we’re all free to choose whatever clothes we like.Picking out swimwear is a trickier task because the fit is crucial to feel confident—and that’s the only thing that

Malls Are "Reopening" Today—Here's What to Expect

It's cumbersome but necessary.
As most of the country transitions away from enhanced community quarantine to either general CQ or modified ECQ, Filipinos will soon find themselves gradually going back to normal. For many of us, that means going back to shopping malls, many of which