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10 High-Waisted Bikinis to Low-Key Hide Your Food Baby

For worry-free binge-eating at the beach!
Summer is almost here and the pressure to get the perfect bikini bod is starting. Don’t worry though, we know a pretty simple formula to help you achieve it. Step 1: wear a bikini... yup, that’s it. You now have a bikini

10 Chic Pearl Accessories for an Effortlessly Elegant Look

Jazz up with these pretty pieces of bling!
When you think of a classic look, what probably comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress-and-pearl accessories combo in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. There’s something timeless about pearls and the way they gleam when they catch light—not to mention, they’re very

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This March 2020

Who else is excited for an all new season of "Kingdom"?
Update your watch list this March with 10 more exciting Netflix releases, apart from an all new batch of Studio Ghibli films, of course.The strength of young love is tested when a couple is propelled towards different career paths, possibly severing their

Here's What to Wear with Layered Necklaces for Your Next OOTD

Look on point!
Unless you've been on a social media cleanse for the past few months (although we kinda doubt it), then you're probably aware of the layered necklace trend that's been taking over our feeds. From golden pendants, pearl drops, to zodiac charms, people

Everything You Need to Know About H&M's Colorful New Studio Drop

It's a total feast for the eyes.
Curious and courageous, H&M Studio’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection is made for a modern free spirit whose style is as eclectic as her travels. You'll love its vibrant colors, too. Inspired by the lunar landscape and laidback surf culture of the Swedish island

We Want Everything from the ColourPop x Sailor Moon Collection

'90s anime fans, where you at?
The first priority when buying makeup and skincare is always the quality of the product and the effect it has on your skin. However, beauty lovers often shop with their eyes first—pretty packaging is almost impossible to resist! Couple it with products

10 Local Designers Who Can Create the Feathered Dress of Your Dreams

In case you didn't notice, feathers are a celeb fave these days.
Alexa, play Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire's 1935 version of Cheek to Cheek. There's an innate glamour to draping yourself in feathers—images of megawatt Old Hollywood screen sirens floating down the red carpet fitted with long white gloves and scarlet-lipped smiles instantly come

10 Rom-Coms You Can Watch By Yourself

Who said you need an S.O. to enjoy a rom-com?
The cheesy dialogue, the unrealistic meet-cute, and of course, the overly attractive people—the rom-com. You would know by now that romantic comedies are in no way true to life (if you’re living in one, good for you!), but there’s no denying that

We Found the Exact Couple Rings from "Crash Landing on You"

We finally have the answer!
Remember when Crash Landing on You fans investigated where Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) got the couple rings to make his relationship with Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) official? They guessed the ring was from Chaumet, a French jeweler.But now, we finally know

6 La Union Beach Resorts Where You Can Live Like a Star

Spend your summer in these prime spots of luxurious comfort.
With the familiar heat of the Philippine summer soon arriving, there’s no better way to cool down and chill out than in the foamy, internationally renowned waves of La Union. Since the surfing capital of the country is just a four- to