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Sweet Treats On Instagram

These dangerously sweet desserts are just a click away!
Sweet Treats On Instagram These dangerously sweet desserts are just a click away!

Craving dessert? Don’t worry, we’re not here to try and talk you out of your cheat day! After going through that Preview girl work-out, it’s okay to allow yourself that sweet little treat every once in a while. Below, we rounded up a list of delectable desserts you can choose from to make sure that all those carbs will be worth your every bite. Warning, though: Sweetness overload ahead!

1.Bucky’s Buckies (@buckysnotabrownie)

Just so it’s clear, Bucky’s Buckies are not brownies. Its owner Miguel Vargas claimed it to be a “result of a threesome involving flourless chocolate cake, fudge, and brownies.”

Must-try: Original Buckies, a scrumptious marriage between chocolate and salt!

For orders: 0917.844.5104

2. Crumble MNL (@crumblemnl)

Torn between s’mores and cookies? Lucky for you, Crumble MNL offers both for the price of one!

Must-try: Graham cookies topped with your favorite chocolates

For orders: 0917.828.0829 or 0917.892.1585

3. Cakes By Miriam (@cakes_by_miriam)

Their cakes are chocolaty, fruity, and—come on, you know this matters—#foodstagram-worthy!

Must-try: Strawberry Shortcake

For orders: 0917.873.7378

4. Team Craver (@3.1crave)

From #Brownettes to #Oreochookies, Team Craver promises “treats with a twist!”

Must-try: Their ensaymada brownies a.k.a Brownsaymada

For orders: 0920.958.3035 (Makati); 0939.923.6803 (Molito)

5. Cookie Bar (@cookiebarmanila)

Now here’s a nice way to get drunk… on milk and cookies!

Must-try: Cookie Shots! Try them with ice cream, too.

For orders: 0906.569.6019

6. Just Mix (@justmix.official)

Whipping up desserts shouldn’t be such a headache. Make yourself some yummy cookies with Just Mix’s jars of happiness. Just add egg and butter to their pre-measured ingredients. It’s baking made easy!

Must-try: Matcha and White Chocolate mix

For orders: 0917.891.5680

7. Kalookies (@kalookies)

But then again, if you don’t have time to bake your own, how about these nakakalur-coo-kies instead?

Must-try: Mint-To-Be, another one of their punny and we bet yummy variants!


For orders: 0998.627.0288

8. Milk Box (@milkboxph)

Japanese dessert, anyone? Milk Box’s Matcha Chizu—chiffon cake, cheesecake, and matcha mousse rolled into one—will answer your green tea prayers.

Must-try: Fluffy Hokkaido cake oozing with powdered milk

Contact: 0917.899.9622

9. Sweet Patti Cakes (@sweetpatticakes)

Mouth-watering cupcakes baked by TV host Patti Grandidge Herrera herself. Sinful, but it’s worth every bite!

Must-try: Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter. The name says it all.

Contact: 0927.743.3539

10. CupCué (@cupcue)

Want something sweet and creamy to tickle your taste buds? Sink your teeth into these custardy cheesecake cups.

Must-try: Salted caramel cheesecake

For orders: 0917.880.4353

11. Good Karma (

Craving cookie cups and red velvet goodness? Don’t fret; there’s good karma heading your way.

Must-try: Red velvet crinkles with cream cheese filling

For orders: 0917.522.1627