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5 Quick and Easy Recipes to Level up Your Canned Food

Canned goods but make it gourmet.
FYI, not all recipes need to use the freshest ingredients. There are many ways to use other ingredients that you have in your kitchen that you might not have thought to make before!Cooking is really all about your creativity in the kitchen

10 Bakeries That Can Deliver Cake Straight to Your Doorstep

Craving cake?
From the wild creations of Ace of Cakes to the timeless classics you'd usually see in the Great British Bake-Off, cakes are just that kind of dessert—they’ve got range. They can do weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties. But really, you

How to Make Korean Soft Tofu Stew Inspired by "Itaewon Class"

Yup, you can make it at home!
Looking back at all the episodes of Itaewon Class, you might've noticed that one specific dish was omnipresent in many of the hit K-drama's most pivotal moments. It was there when Park Saeroyi and his father had their first drink together, when Ma

Here Are All The Branches Where You Can Get Jollibee's Ready-To-Cook Food

Stock your freezer with your all-time Jollibee favorites!
In case you've missed this incredibly good news: Jollibee started offering ready-to-cook Jollibee items in select stores last week which is perfect since we can't dine out while the enhanced community quarantine is still in place. A day or so after, they gradually

FYI, Dalgona Milk Tea Exists and Here's How to Make It

You can totally do this at home.
First, there was dalgona coffee," a TikTok trend that tested the strength of our arms. Next, Erwan Heussaff changed the game by introducing dalgona Milo—a special treat for non-coffee drinkers. But there's no way we're stopping there, right? Healthy Foodie PH is

7 Easy Oil-Based Pasta Recipes Even Kitchen Newbies Can Make

Not all pasta dishes need a sauce. The oil will do.
Are you a fan of pasta but have never been a fan of the saucy pastas? Perhaps you don't like the tang of tomatoes all that much, or prefer a pasta dish that isn't coated in what appears to be curdled milk. That's

10 Online Stores That Deliver Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh is best!
We’re all fighting a long, hard battle against the threat of the coronavirus, so it’s important now more than ever to keep your health in check. (At the same time, many farmers are now struggling to sell their harvest due to low

Here's How You Can Make Dalgona Milo, According To Erwan Heussaff

For non-coffee drinkers!
Another day, another story about everyone's current drink obsession, Dalgona coffee. The latest celeb to get on the whipped drink trend? Erwan Heussaff. (He's currently in Australia spending time with Anne Curtis-Smith Heussaf and their newborn baby, Dahlia!) Erwan posted a video on

Shakey's Is Now Reopening for Delivery for Select Areas in Metro Manila

See if an available branch is near you!
Good news! Though the enhanced community quarantine led to the temporary shutdown of many food establishments, Shakey's has officially announced the reopening of several of their stores. Select branches will be returning for service in areas in Manila, Makati, Muntinlupa, Taguig, Pasig, Pasay, Paranaque,

3 Easy Coffee Recipes to Try If Dalgona’s Too Much Work for You

These won’t feel like an arm workout, promise!
Among the unexpected things brought about by the government’s stay-at-home order is the Dalgona Iced Coffee, a beverage craze that levels up your instant coffee experience. We talked about it, we tried it, and we loved it. But if there's one thing

Craving Cookies? These Places Still Deliver

From sweet and chewy to crumbly and delicate.
It doesn’t get any more comforting than a cookie. Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or are just in the mood for a sweet treat, a cookie (or two) works wonders to raise your spirits. The good news is that there are

All The Fried Food You Can Prep and Freeze Now, Cook Later

These chicken and pork recipes will keep for at least a month!
Did you know that the refrigerator is known as the most important invention in the history of food? Without the modern refrigerator, food as we know it would be very different. We won't have frozen meals that are ready to cook at

Yes, You Can Get Wildflour's Baked Goods Delivered!

You know you want a slice of their buko pie.
Do you have a hankering for Wildflour's famous coconut pie or the three-layer Salted Chocolate Cake? Just in case you didn't know, Wildflour recently offered a delivery option for their freshly baked goods through Wildflour To-Go, just so you can enjoy it in

7 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Spam

How do you like your spam?
Typically, all you need to eat with Spam is a cup of white or garlic rice. You don't really crave much else. But there are actually several ways to get creative with this canned meat without having to be a culinary genius.

Heads Up: McDonald's Implements No-Touch Delivery

There's minimal physical contact between you and the riders.
Food delivery services have made satiating our hunger more convenient in these trying times. But while staying indoors does wonders in itself to prevent the disease’s spread, an even better way to step up your defense against the virus is to minimize