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All The Tips You Need For Making Milky Doughnuts

Make these powdery, milky cheese doughnuts better with these baking tips.
The quarantine has produced a number of incredibly ingenious and inventive ways of cooking and baking, from the rise in popularity of the Dalgona coffee to the recent obsession with the sushi bake. Doughnuts made from pancake mix was the first of

You Can Now Order Online from Korean Grocery "No Brand"

Just in time for your next K-drama binge!
For Hallyu fans who can't get enough of all things Korean, we have good news for you! You can finally get your hands on your favorite Korean grocery items from No Brand through MetroMart and have it delivered to your doorstep. Just in time for

10 Instagram-Worthy Fruit Teas To Try Now

They're both pretty to look at and to drink!
They say there's no summer in the Philippines, only perpetual Manila heat all year-around, so I guess that gives us unlimited reasons to cool down with an iced drink all day every day. If you're taking a break from your favorite milk

This Fudgy, Gooey Bibingka Will Make Any Ube Cheese Fan Happy

Move over, ube cheese pandesal!
Bibingka is usually the rice cake we eat during the Christmas season as a post-simbang gabi treat. You can't go wrong with a classic bibingka that has salted egg, cheese, melted butter, and a sprinkle of niyog, but there's definitely more than one

Cooking Your Fave Korean Steamed Egg is Surprisingly Easy

Get eggzited.
Korean steamed egg never gets enough recognition. At Korean BBQ spots, too often people dismiss this dish in favor of the more beloved kimchi or fish cake side dish. But it’s more than that. Traditionally, this is cooked in a hot stone

Here's Where You Can Buy Instagrammable Minimalist and Naked Cakes

Best news: These bakeshops deliver!
There's something about the clean design of minimalist cakes and the raw and rustic feel of naked cakes. The simplicity of these creations make them appealing and not gonna lie, they are so aesthetically pleasing! So, whether you're celebrating a quarantine birthday

This No-Bake Chocolate Cake Recipe Only Needs 3 Ingredients to Make

There's absolutely no need for a microwave, toaster, or traditional oven.
We're a sucker for chocolate and easy recipes. When you put these two concepts together, we'll gladly try it out! We found ourselves lucky to find this no-oven chocolate cake recipe by YouTuber Nino's Home. It only needs three ingredients, and Nino

8 Local Shops Where You Can Buy Aesthetic, Ready-to-Drink Coffee

These bottled coffee drinks can all be delivered right to your doorstep—no more boiling water or eye-balling proportions!
Ah, coffee. It's a magic liquid that turns frowns to smiles, and paints people into a better mood. A freshly brewed cup of joe definitely makes the day brighter and a lot more tolerable, if you ask me. But with a long

Here's How You Can Make Yakult Ice Cream With Only 2 Ingredients

BRB, trying this recipe ASAP!
The Yakult craze is on! People have been creating special concoctions using the yogurt drink as a base, like Soju-Yakult (a classic combo) and Yakult shake. These experiments could be one of the reasons this yogurt drink is almost always sold out

Cheese Tea Fans, You Can Now Get Your Fix at Tiger Sugar

These refreshing drinks are topped with a creamy cheese mousse.
Counterintuitive as it might seem, there’s something about the pairing of tea and a cheese-foam topping—as you’ll find in cheese tea—that’s especially irresistible. And now there's a new milk-tea spot where you can get it: Tiger Sugar’s just released their own line