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We Found Korea's Famous "Shooting Star" Ice Cream Flavor

It's delicious AND Instagrammable!
Did you know that in Korea, there's a Baskin Robbins flavor called "Shooting Star" that's exclusively available at their branches? The Shooting Star is basically soda-flavored ice cream with strawberry swirls and blue popping candy.This flavor is incredibly famous all over South Korea

You'll Love the New Desserts on FRNK Milk Bar's Menu

Pair them with your FRNK milk tea beverage.
FRNK, a Japanese milk bar, is known for its handcrafted milk teas that offer healthier milk options like almond milk, oat milk, and brown rice milk. If you havenât paid a visit to one of their shops, FRNK's new branch at SM

OMG, Choc-Nut Gelato Now Exists!

We know, it sounds too good to be true.
Manila Creamery is one of the few local creameries that's worth any ice cream fan's attention. They are known to explore and play around with Filipino food favorites and turn them into frozen desserts. Biko, Mangga't Suman, and Turon are just some of

Dairy Queen's New Christmas Ice Cream Is Made with Pistachios

Pistachio fans will love this!
There's always room for ice cream! Now that it's almost Christmas and the nippy 'Ber breeze hasn't arrived yet, you should drop by Dairy Queen because they just added a range of pistachio-flavored ice cream for the holidays!Dairy Queen's latest ice cream line for

FYI, Coco Now Sells Iced Coffee Drinks

Not in the mood for milk tea?
There's now another reason why people will be standing in line for Coco: their new iced coffee drinks. The brand made the announcement last Friday, December 6, and yes, one of them comes with pearls! You can enjoy the following flavors: Coco

Here's Why You Should Cut Back on Holiday Drinks from Your Favorite Cafes

This survey reveals how much sugar you're actually ingesting with each sip.
It's become a tradition for many of your favorite coffee shops to come out with seasonal drinks during Christmas, most of which are served with dollops of whipped cream, topped with chocolate syrup, and drizzled with sugar sprinkles. But while we're all about

You Have to Try This Chuckie-Flavored Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Plus, all the other things you can do this week around the metro!
Spice up your life with this week's Preview Finder and check out all the exciting things you can do around the metro!It looks like The Lost Bread’s gearing up their customers for a nostalgic holiday season. In continuation of their collaboration series, they’ve now

This Specialty Cafe in Binondo Is Located in a 100-Year-Old Building

If you love your coffee with a sprinkling of history.
Whenever we hear the word Binondo, we tend to immediately think about authentic Chinese cuisine. That said, a posh café situated along the busy streets of Chinatown is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind.But the 1919 Grand Cafe, owned by a

10 Bakeshops in Manila Where You Can Buy Pretty Cakes for the Holidays

Your sumptuous feast won't be complete without a gorgeous cake on the table.
No celebration is ever complete without the star of the party: the cake. This dessert is almost like a symbol of surprises, merriment, and gratitude no matter what the celebration is—be it birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, or even simple milestones like a

This New Milk Tea Shop Offers Peach Gum Sinkers

They're a healthier alternative to pearls!
As if you need any more convincing to order another tall cup of milk tea, we found another milk tea shop that you can add to your list of favorites! Popularized in Hong Kong, Tantea has finally found its way to our boba-loving country—and the brand

Here's How Your Favorite Japanese Mochi Dessert Is Made

Watch the fascinating process here!
When we think of Japan, we can't help but be reminded of savory ramen, freshly-brewed matcha tea, and plates of sashimi. But of course, there's also one Japanese food we can't get enough of: their heavenly mochi! Made from glutinous rice cake

10 Best Places Where You Can Get Your Cookie Fix in Manila

Go ahead and satisfy your cookie cravings!
Whether you’re feeling blue or simply craving something sweet, a good cookie is always a delight to have. Paired with a glass of milk or eaten on its own, there's something about this sweet treat that instantly makes you feel good. That said, not