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Meet the Filipina Who Made History as the First Female Executive Chef of This Hollywood Restaurant

Meet Vallerie Castillo Archer, the Filipina chef currently making waves in Hollywood.
Chef Vallerie Castillo Archer. That’s a name Hollywood’s exclusive restaurant, Yamashiro, knows all too well—and rightfully so, after she made history as their first-ever female executive chef. Not to mention, she’s proudly Filipina, too!Born in her grandfather’s bakery in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte,

This Is the Most Searched Food Item by Filipinos, According to GrabFood

It was searched six million times in 2020 alone!
What are your food habits that changed since the pandemic started a year ago? At some point during this ongoing pandemic, we found comfort and convenience through food delivery service applications like GrabFood.Based on the data provided by Grab, the top three

This Cool Cafe in Davao Is Perfect for Getting Work Done

They have mouthwatering meals, too!
All great things begin as a small seed of an idea. To turn it into reality, you have to nourish it and make it grow. But sometimes, regardless if it’s an artistic or technical pursuit, you can still get stumped even if

The Best Hot Chocolate for a Decadent Mug at Home

You can order these online.
Davao-based Malagos Chocolate needs no introduction, being one of the best-known Filipino tree-to-bar chocolate brands—and their 100% Premium Unsweetened Chocolate (P475/200 grams) is a must-try. This multipurpose chocolate comes as hexagonal discs that you can mix with milk and your desired amount

5 Must-Try Restaurants and Cafés in Baguio You Should Visit

Add these to your travel bucket list!
Baguio is one of the cities that opened its borders to tourists who want to take a break from being cooped up at home. Having been quarantined for more than a year already, it seems like a no-brainer to just go for the

This Cafe Offers the Italian Coffee You Need for Your Daily Fix

You’ll love this a latte!
Whether it’s warming you up on a gloomy afternoon, or accompanying you on your study sessions, a cup of coffee is always a good idea. You can get your caffeine fix almost anywhere around the metro, but there’s an up-and-coming coffee provider

The Best Pageant National Costumes Inspired by South East Asian Food

Southeast Asia is owning this game.
The national costumes show is arguably the most exciting, and somehow controversial, bit of any pageant. We've seen practically everything get worn by candidates and yet somehow, they still manage to surprise us every year.Take Miss World Iloilo candidate Ann Palmares, for

5 Unusual Donut Flavors That You Have to Try at Least Once

Think soy sauce, strawberry pomelo, and more.
Don't get us wrong: Even the most basic donut flavors, like a classic glazed, sugar-raised, or chocolate-frosted doughnut, can be life-changing when done well. But what's life without variety—especially when Manila is home to shops that put some truly creative spins on

11 Best Local Shops to Try for Excellent Croissants

It doesn't get any butter than this.
What comes to mind when you think of French breads and pastries? Croissants likely top that list. This viennoiserie pastry may actually have roots in Austria (it’s believed to have been inspired by the Austrian crescent-shaped confection know as kipfel), but it

This Is the Cheapest Coffee You Can Order from Starbucks

It only costs P100!
Buying coffee from Starbucks isn't the most affordable option if you need coffee in your system. The most expensive drink they have at Starbucks and Starbucks Reserve cost P210 and P270 respectively. But if you don't have more than a hundred bucks

10 Best Sinigang Dishes in Manila You Have to Try

This hearty sour soup is a Filipino favorite for good reason.
If there’s any Filipino dish we find ourselves craving time and time again—most especially when it’s cold out—it’s sinigang, the tangy, well-loved soup that some have even lobbied for the title of being the Philippines’ national dish. And why not? Nothing warms