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There's a New Kind of Chocolate and It's Millennial Pink

Nope, this isn't artificial food coloring.
Dark, milk, and white chocolate have all been around for years—but a fourth kind was just introduced by one of the world’s strongest cocoa suppliers, Barry Callebaut. This chocolate company recently launched the world’s newest type of chocolate that they named Ruby chocolate, according to Business Insider.Ruby

We Found a Swiss Chocolate Bar That Helps Relieve Period Cramps

Now you have an excuse to binge!
The guilt that comes with binge-eating chocolate while on your period is about to meet its maker, because a brand in Switzerland has finally made the sweet treat both healthy and functional. Meet Frauenmond, the chocolate bar made by Chocolate with Love that

There's a New Hair Color Trend and It's Literally the Sweetest

Get ready for a sugar rush!
You've heard of rose gold and gray ombre, but we're currently obsessing over the latest in fall hair hues: chocolate mauve.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/hannahthepainterThe gorgeous purple-tinged brown wash was created by colorist Hannah Edelman, owner of Brush In Hand Salon in Brooklyn, New York. The hairstylist

Newsflash: Chocolate Might Be Good for Your Workout

This may be the best news about chocolate and fitness yet.
Doesn't the headline cause you to just jump for joy? According to a study published in the  Journal of International Society of Sports Medicine, it was discovered that dark chocolate amps up the body's abilities during a workout sesh.Nine cyclists were required to consume

Valentine Fever

We're serving up all the goodies any girl would want to receive on this lovely holiday.
Can't feel the V-day fever yet? Whether you are blessedly single or happily in love, there’s one sure-fire way to infuse some Valentine’s Day spirit into your week: by shopping, of course! While it may be silly to get yourself some flowers,

Go Loco Over Choco

Have some tasty Wonka-fied treats for your face and body.
The whole world thanks the Mayans for concocting this decadent cacao bean bi-product. Hands down, chocolate is one of man's greatest inventions. We think it is a very important element in our lives; one valid argument would be that chocolate is the

The New Taste Of Chocolate

The clothing company re-launches under new management.
Chocolate Clothing Company has a fresh new look, updated with mouth-watering labels, under a new management led by entrepreneur, Finina Tugade. The mini fashion mecca takes steps further to create a woman’s dream closet by refurbishing its stores and coming up with