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12 Cute Jumpsuits That Are Perfect for Summer

Strut onto the beach with a different kind of one-piece.
With summer rolling in comes every kind of outdoor event imaginable. We're talking garden parties, beach weddings, barbecue at your aunt's house, or your annual family reunion at a greenhouse, or a barn maybe. It can all happen. But with this season's

This Filipina's Heritage Brand Is Helping Tell the Stories of Her People

Bea Constantino is spreading awareness about her rich Sulu heritage through clothes.
Bea Constantino has always been on the go. She used to live in a fast-paced world, working as a professional stylist for 16 years. And with a much-needed break, she's found herself deep in a project that hit too close to home.This Chavacano-Tausug

Where to Buy Thin, Delicate Rings You Can Stack on Your Fingers

These online stores have the prettiest rings!
While we love bold necklaces and statement earrings, when it comes to rings, we like them thin and sleek. Luckily, there are a ton of online IG stores to buy them from! Below, our eight favorite ones:Their solid gold rings will surely

This Local Online Store Will Make You Want to Wear Filipinianas

Let Tygie change the way you dress!
In a highly westernized local society, Filipinianas seem to be only reserved for "big Filipino-themed ceremonies such as nuptials, centennial events, Linggo ng Wika, or graduation," Tygie points out. This local store notes how unfortunate it is to "use this culture-defining attire

This Filipino-Made Bag Brand Is Fighting Against Human Trafficking

"We believe that a crucial and beautiful part of healing through pain is reclaiming celebration."
Here in Preview, we’re always on the lookout for Filipino-made brands deserving of a place on our headlines and in your closets, and luckily, we've recently come across one in pursuit of a passionate purpose. This is where Láro comes in. Born from a

You’ll Love the Happy Vibe of This Local Bohemian Brand

Their button bags and smocked frocks are adorable!
There is something about Good Luck, Humans that makes a person inherently happy. Browsing through their website is a color explosion of bright, cheerful clothing and home furnishings guaranteed to brighten your day. From their chic clutches to their boho-inspired dresses, there’s

Here's Where You Can Buy Oxford Shoes Especially Made for Women

These are shoes made for walking!
I've always been dumfounded by how difficult it is to find oxford shoes for women, having personally scoured through malls myself in order to find the perfect pair to go with my collection of trousers. I'm talking about genuine leather oxfords that

This Local Online Store Has the Cutest Pearl Barrettes and Bags

See what Bondi Studios is all about!
Sam Tangco, Robyn See, and Erica Dee share their passion for dance and movement, and beyond that, fashion and entrepreneurship. Together, they came up with Bondi Studios, an online shop catering to stylish women who are into trendy accessories and bags. Their

We Finally Discovered Where to Get Suits Especially Made for Women

They specialize in made-to-measure suits for the power woman.
The power suit has been a working woman's style staple as of late as we continue to overturn and redefine gender equality. However, as easy as it is for men to readily purchase a suit for themselves, it's unfortunately difficult for women

This Local Online Store Makes Beach Towels Out of Plastic Bottles

You recycle 8 plastic bottles in one beach towel.
Functionality meets style with local online store Sora's line of beach and yoga towels. Expect quick-dry, lightweight beach towels and non-slip yoga mats that are not only aesthetically pleasing—pastels with tropical and floral prints, anyone?—but also eco-friendly. Do your part in minimizing

This Affordable, Locally Made Sandals Will Be Your New Go-To Pair

Espadrilles are back, and Tejida will make you want to wear them all day!
Sofia Daez, Timi Fandiño, Diane Ong, and Mara San Pedro, are four university students who were simply looking for a pair of comfy sandals that's both stylish and versatile. When they couldn't find one that suited their taste, they decided to make

Former Preview Fashion Director Daryl Chang Just Launched a Web Boutique

Shop Deliver Deliver Daily now!
If you consider yourself a fashion-lover that favors more refined sensibilities, scrub the need to constantly shop abroad for clothes that serve your style—your future local fashion obsession has finally launched online! Deliver Deliver Daily, the brain child of Preview’s former Fashion

This Online Store Has Everything You Need for a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

Shop your zero-waste essentials any time, any where.
Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle just got a whole lot easier! There's already a package-free shop where you can get all your zero-waste essentials, and now, there's a new option for those who prefer to shop from home.The Alternative is an online

This Online Store Sells Earrings Made with Real Flowers

Calling all flower enthusiasts!
Who would've thought that we can actually wear real flowers as earrings? Political Science graduate Mimi Dumalaog creates resin earrings out of preserved flowers—and below, we talk to her about her online store, Kamila's 4am Bracelet."I was trained by my parents to study

This Store Lets You Own Unique Vintage Jewelry from Around the World

Giving jewelry a second life one Souvenir at a time.
Former magazine editor and freelance stylist Samantha Potenciano has always had a knack of putting pieces together to tell an interesting style story. So launching a store doesn’t come exactly as a surprise. We caught up with the newly-married content editor to

This Online Shop Has the Daintiest Necklaces You Can Layer

Modern Myth has delicate pieces perfect for your minimalist looks.
If you're someone who's grown tired of hoarding fashion accessories that easily tarnish and don't last, we have an alternative you might want to consider: demi-fine jewelry. Online store Modern Myth offers "adult jewelry" that won't break the bank and will last