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Sofia Andres’ Dainty Tattoos Will Convince You to Get Inked

Sofia Andres’ Dainty Tattoos Will Convince You to Get Inked
IMAGE instagram/iamsofiaandres
Aesthetically striking and deeply signficant!

Did you know, back in February 2016, the then 17-year-old Sofia Andres tweeted “I wanna get a tattoo.” That desire must've made a permanent mark because five years later, she has four beautiful tatts!

Having perfected her signature sartorial look, it is no surprise that the same understated sophistication is mirrored in her skin art. Low-key yet high impact, her tiny, minimalist tattoos are aesthetically striking as it is deeply significant.

Below we list down Sofia Andres’ dainty, minimalist tattoos that will convince you to get inked:

1. Watercolor-Style Rose

Sofia Andres Watercolor-Style Rose tattoo
While roses can mean love of all sorts, it seems like the actress has a soft spot for this bloom. For her birthday this year, her beau, Daniel Miranda, gave her the most gorgeous bouquet of four dozen long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses. She looked so happy posing with both flowers—the one on her rib and the one from her partner. 

Sofia Andres with big rose bouquet
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres
2. Heart Outline


Sofia Andres Heart Outline tattoo
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres
While heart tattoos have always been popular, Sofia opted for a minimalist outline on her right wrist, making it the ultimate arm candy. What makes this all the more sweeter is that her mom appears to have the same design on her own wrist! A possible family ink, her sister, Lara, even commented on Sofia’s post, "Should I get one too??"

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Sofia Andres Heart Outline tattoo on right wrist
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres
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3. ZOE Vertical Text

Sofia Andres ZOE Vertical Text tattoo
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres

On her left wrist, the young mom inked her daughter’s name. Instead of having the letters from left to right as per convention, she had it top to bottom, creating a beautiful visual statement when she puts both hands together. 

 “Dream kong name yung Zoe, it’s very cute. So, binigay ko sa kanya,” she shares in a vlog as to why she chose the name. Incredibly serendipitous is how it absolutely resonated! “Then I searched the meaning for it, it’s life. She’s my life, she’s my inspiration,” the doting mom says. Inspiration indeed, the enterprising mama has also named her newest baby the same: Zoe Essentials.

Sofia Andres daughter vertical name tattoo on left wrist
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres
4. VIS TA VIE Micro Text

Sofia Andres VIS TA VIE Micro Text
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres

Translated as “live your life,” she debuted this forearm tat with a straight to the point IG caption: “Totally. #newtattoo"

Much like the sentiments of popular phrases “carpe diem” and “YOLO” , this simple text is an inspiring call to action to make the most of one’s life. It’s also interesting to note that according to this post by Whiplash Tattoos, she wasn’t actually supposed to get a new tattoo that day! With its tiny size and big meaning, it’s easy to see why she spontaneously went for it!

And lastly, a bonus: Temporary Tattoos!

If you’re still not ready to commit, maybe check out temporary tattoos to find out how you really feel about ink placements and the actual design. Sofia had a ball using TATTU MUNDO’s Serpentes pack back in 2019. 

Sofia Andres temporary tattoo on wrist
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres
Sofia Andres temporary tattoo on legs
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/iamsofiaandres


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