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10 Pretty Thigh Tattoo Designs You Can Get As Your First Ink

It's the perfect spot for small and intimate inks!
Placements are considered as your tattoos' permanent residence. It can also influence the design’s scalability, visibility, and even longevity. That said, choosing the best spot for your next ink is one key factor you shouldn’t overlook. There are a lot of popular

Nadine Lustre Finally Shares the Meanings Behind Her Leg Tattoos

They give us a glimpse of why the actress feels she's at her best state.
Last June, Nadine Lustre was spotted getting a fresh set of inks at her go-to tattoo studio, 55 Tinta. The actress-musician had the words "it is what it is" and "that's it" written on her calves, and it's one of her smallest

5 Filipina Celebrities with Tattoos That You Don't Usually See on TV

The tattoos have the most interesting stories and meanings behind them, too!
Tattoos are a great form of self expression and art. It can also be a way to eternalize priceless memories and milestones, so it's no wonder they're popular among all genders and ages.There are certain big stars that come to mind when

10 Dainty Watercolor Flower Tattoos You'll Want As Your Next Ink

You can't go wrong with these elegant designs!
If you’ve always been a fan of color, then watercolor art may be your best new option for a tatt. Unlike typical tattoos which are outlined with a black ink, watercolor tatts are finished with diffused raw edges that somehow makes the

Here's What You Need to Know Before Getting a Hand Tattoo

Plus some elegant design ideas to consider before booking your appointment!
With all tattoos that you get, it’s important to mull it over for some time—because remember, it will forever be inked on your body! When getting inked in visible areas like the face, arms, or hands, for example, hiding a tattoo would

4 Low-Key Tattoos on Maine Mendoza That You Don't See on TV

Catch a glimpse of her tatts!
Getting a tattoo can be a subtle and easy way to express yourself! It’s not surprising why it's so popular to get one, and that includes many celebrities. Maine Mendoza, for example, has a small tattoo collection of her own that you can

10 Minimalist Hip Tattoo Ideas If You Want Something Discreet

Want a sultry, low-key ink?
Deciding to get a tattoo can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking decisions to make. It’s exciting because you get to express yourself through a permanent form of art on your body, yet nerve-wracking because you have to choose carefully

We're Obsessed with Model Jessica Yang's Subtle and Creative Tattoos

All of her most visible tattoos are strategically placed on her right side!
If you're torn between getting inked and keeping a clean slate, you'll love Manila-based Taiwanese model Jessica Yang tattoos. That's because all of her inks are placed on her right side, leaving her left side completely clean! According to model, the idea originally

Sofia Andres’ Dainty Tattoos Will Convince You to Get Inked

Aesthetically striking and deeply signficant!
Did you know, back in February 2016, the then 17-year-old Sofia Andres tweeted “I wanna get a tattoo.” That desire must've made a permanent mark because five years later, she has four beautiful tatts!Having perfected her signature sartorial look, it is no surprise

You Can Book a Tattoo Session with Apo Whang-Od's Grandniece in Manila This Month

Don't miss the chance to get inked by Grace Palicas, the protégé of legendary tattoo artist Whang-Od!
Grace Palicas started training under Apo Whang-Od, the last mambabatok (traditional tattoo artist) of their generation, when she was only 10 years old. In a previous interview with BBC, Whang-Od revealed she could only pass on the craft to those from the

Here's Why You Should Consider Getting a Hand-Poked Tattoo

Plus some cool designs you should try!
Hand-poke tattoos, a.k.a. stick-and-poke, is exactly what it sounds like—tattooing by hand and sticks! It's a "dotting" technique that stems from the traditional style of tattooing, and it's steadily gaining popularity as a tattoo style for its unique look.To give us an

12 Elegant Neck Tattoo Designs You Should Consider Getting

Not afraid to show off your ink? A neck tattoo might just be for you.
Choosing a tattoo design that best resonates with you is only half the chore—you’ll have to think about the ink’s placement on your body, too. If you want your ink to be easily hidden, consider getting inked behind the ears and on

10 Intricate Geometric Tattoo Designs That'll Make You Want a Larger Ink

If you want a big tattoo that's still low-key.
Small, minimalist designs are many people's go-to choice for tattoos, but if you’ve been eyeing getting a larger ink, look no further: Geometric tattoos may be your match. This tattoo genre still give a sense of simplicity, but with more intriciate details

10 Delicate Collarbone Tattoo Ideas If You Want a Minimalist Ink

These will definitely inspire you to get inked.
For the bold yet artsy folks who want to flaunt their inks, your clavicle or collarbone can be a tasteful spot for their display. This area offers lots of possibilities in terms of design, not to mention that a tattoo will give