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Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting a Rose Tattoo

A rose isn't only pretty, but meaningful, too!
Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting a Rose Tattoo
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A rose isn't only pretty, but meaningful, too!

So you finally decided to get a tattoo. Unlike putting on makeup and getting a piercing (you can change up your earrings or studs once in a while!), a tatt will be there forever in the exact same spot you choose to have it inked. That said, picking a design and where it’s placed is equally important.

If you’ve been browsing through some popular pretty designs, you’ve most definitely come across a “heart”, “flowers”, “words or letters”, and “symbols.” Speaking of flowers, roses are one of the most in-demand motifs for a tattoo. But before you dismiss roses as corny or passé, we’re here to make a case for the humble romantic flower and why it’s actually a timeless tattoo to get.

What Do Rose Tattoos Mean?

The flower itself is commonly associated with love and passion, as proven by its prominence every Valentine’s Day. This symbolism actually dates back to the ancient Greeks, who would offer up roses to the goddess of love Aphrodite.

There is even a Latin saying called sub rosa that translates to “under the rose,” which is an expression to connote confidentiality. This has then added a sense of secrecy and intimacy to the flower’s meaning.

In literature, a rose symbolizes romance or true love. Just take it from William Shakespeare’s iconic line in Romeo and Juliet, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Today, roses can mean love of all sorts. Because of its thorny stem but beautiful velvety petals, it also connotes hope, compassion, and love never-failing—whether that’s towards yourself or others.

7 Rose Tattoo Ideas That’ll Convince You to Get Inked

Now that you know the many meanings of a rose tatt, here are some cool ideas to consider. You’d be surprised of the many iterations of this timeless flower tattoo!

An outline of a rose

Not yet ready for a full color tatt? Here’s a design that’s simple but still intricate.


A grayscale rose

Instead of having it painted in red, pink, or even full on black, why not get a realistic design of a rose done in beautiful gray scale? The outcome of the artwork is soft and sophisticated rather than stark and loud. This rendering technique also works if you want a tatt that looks pretty realistic.

An abstract line art rose

Whether you’re a fan of BTS’s Love Yourself album (where this rose artwork is most popularly seen) or not, it’s still a chic and minimalist design on its own. We suggest you get this if you don’t like a rose tattoo that’s too conventional or common.

A solid silhouette of a rose

This design is perfect if you want a tiny rose tattoo! We suggest you pick a budding rose silhouette instead of something in full bloom for a more slender design.

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A long stem rose with typography

If you’d like to incorporate a word or phrase to your rose tattoo, you can do so by connecting it to the flower's stem for some seamless ink! This looks great when done in delicate thin lines for a more sophisticated look.

A single stem rose in full color

Whether you decide to get this design done as a massive arm or shoulder tatt, or even just as a small peek-a-boo ink behind your ears, it’ll definitely be pretty. A single stem rose in blood red really adds a great pop of color to your skin. Not to mention, it’s pretty romantic to look at, too!

A wind-blown rose

Rose petals make for great accents around your main tattoo. A rose with its petals falling off or floating across your skin is a great idea for a design that can creep across your chest, arm, shoulder, or even back!


7 Pretty Places to Put Your Rose Tattoo

In between your fingers

For small and delicate designs you want to keep hidden for the most part of the day, placing your tatt in between your fingers is pretty clever. It’s also quite an intimate area if you think about it, and works well for what the rose symbolizes.

On the back of your arm

Line art looks best in this area because it's pretty subtle. You can also opt for a tatt that's tiny or massive, depending on your chosen artwork. Don’t worry, you have enough skin to cover!

On your ankle

A single stem rose would look beautiful on your ankle, as it will pose as a delicate detail when you’re wearing sandals or low-cut sneakers!

On your shoulder

A shoulder tattoo is great if you want to flaunt an intricate or full-colored design. Be warned though, this placement isn’t for the faint of heart! Some ink on your shoulder will drastically change your look when wearing shoulder-bearing outfits.


On your inner arm

Your inner arm is the perfect place to show off your ink! Why? Think about it, even with a shirt on and conversing with people, your tatt is visibly seen. Just make sure to pick an aesthetic artwork that’s meant to be a conversation-starter to make the most out of its exposure!

The side of your rib

A very intimate but beautiful place to get a rose tattoo done is on your rib! You can flaunt your whenever you go to the beach, or if you're a hubadera, a halter or backless top would do the trick!

Your wrist

Wrist tattoos are undeniably chic when the design is dainty and simple. Having a delicate rose stem in full color or an outline of the flower is best placed on this area. 

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