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Maxene Magalona's New Tiny Tattoos Will Make You Want to Get Inked

We love the meaning behind them, too!
Maxene Magalona recently took to Instagram to show off her brand new ink, and we're absolutely loving the meaning behind them! She got two line tattoos that are absolutely perfect for minimalist girls. She also tagged the tattoo studio where she got

Inka Magnaye's Tattoos Will Make You Want to Get Inked

From tiny tatts to big, elaborate ones, Inka has quite the collection.
If we get a peso for every time we've contemplated about getting tattoos, we'd probably have enough pocket money to buy milk tea for a week. Not only are tattoos highly #aesthetic, but they are also a creative way of expressing ourselves

12 Dainty Finger Tattoo Ideas That You Won’t Regret Getting

These low-key designs are perfect if you’re not a fan of flaunting your tatts.
There’s no denying that the interest over tattoos has grown exponentially in recent years. Why the sudden obsession? In our opinion, it has a lot to do with the emergence of tinier, minimalist tattoo designs. Massive arm or sleeve tattoos are still

10 Dainty Wrist Tattoos If You Want a Subtle, Minimalist Ink

Considering a wrist tattoo? Then take inspo from these chic designs.
Getting a tattoo these days has become more of a fashion-forward endeavor. Blame it on the multitude of celebrities who’ve made their ink a stylish accessory that complements their ‘fits—we’re looking at you Harry Styles and Heart Evangelista! But there’s no denying

These Are the Best Tattoo Designs to Get, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Choose the perfect tatt that represents your astrological sign.
Zodiac signs have been growing in popularity over the recent years. Blame it on the interest in astrology and mysticism, but whatever the reason is, your zodiac is somewhat a personal symbol that you can resonate with. Though astrological predictions are often

7 Women Share the Stories Behind Their Most Meaningful Tattoos

Some inks are more than just for the aesthetic.
As my clueless teenage self once learned the hard way, tattoos don't really need to have an elaborate story behind them. People get inked for aesthetic purposes all the time, and that doesn't make their tattoos any less valid. But when a

Julia Barretto's Minimalist Tattoos Will Make You Want to Get Inked

Spot them in her latest YouTube video!
If, like us, you've been thinking of getting a tattoo for yourself, Julia Barretto's latest look might just finally make you do it. In her latest YouTube video, Julia answered some burning questions while doing a spicy mukbang. She dished on whether

10 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Want your ink to be more than just aesthetic?
A tattoo is more than just a cool personalized beauty mark; it’s a commitment. Whatever the design or artwork you choose to stamp on your skin, it’ll be a part of you forever—much like a signature. So before you go under the

10 Delicate Small Tattoo Ideas If You're Trying to Keep It Low-Key

These dainty tattoo designs are perfect for your not-so-secret ink!
To get a tattoo or not to get a tattoo? If you’re reading this right now, then chances are that this question has been boggling your mind for a while now. You’ve probably been giving yourself countless of excuses to convince yourself

10 Stylish Tattoos with Flowers That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Here are some groundbreaking floral designs that are undeniably chic.
Freshly picked or beautifully dried, flowers spruce up any space and lift your mood almost instantly—and we’d like to think that it has the same effect when it’s inked on your skin, too. Drawn simple or intricate, tiny as a thumb or

10 Chic Minimalist Tattoo Ideas If It's Your First Time Getting Inked

You won't be able to resist these beautifully dainty tatts.
While tattoos have no doubt become increasingly popular over the years, it’s important to be reminded that getting inked is a lifelong commitment—that is, unless you go through the painstaking (and often expensive) process of having it removed or covered up. So

8 Tattoo Ideas for Couples Who Are Serious About Forever

Are you both in it for the long run?
Couples have many creative ways of expressing their love. Some like sharing their dating life on social media (with an official hashtag, of course), while others aren’t afraid to step out in matching OOTDs. However, those things aren’t anything new. If you

11 Cool Camera Tattoos You'll Want to Take Pictures Of

Photographers, this one's for you.
Remember how good it felt to hold a camera for the first time? And how it took you hours to put it down because you couldn’t stop taking pictures of everything? Both amateur and seasoned photographers know how much photos mean to

10 Minimalist Tattoos to Get If You Live for Coffee

Coffee is a lifestyle after all.
For coffee drinkers, mornings just aren’t the same without a cup of fresh brew. After lunch, when you need another jolt of energy, merienda is best paired with an iced coffee. And while we all know that too much of anything—even coffee—is