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I Tried This Andrea Brillantes-Approved Lip Stain and Here’s What Happened

Spoiler alert: it totally works!
I Tried This Andrea Brillantes-Approved Lip Stain and Here’s What Happened
Spoiler alert: it totally works!

Even at such a young age, Andrea Brillantes has already honed her signature look. The sun-burnt blush and bushy brows combo she always wears on Instagram is so cop-worthy, but don't get us wrong—she has other tricks up her sleeve, too.

While scrolling through her feed, I found a photo of Andrea applying a interesting-looking gloss on her eyelids. "Using Careline's Stain Gloss as my eyeshadow because WHY NOT," she captioned it. Turns out, she wasn't using just a regular gloss. The product also doubles as a stain, so that when you apply it on your lips, you get a sheer wash of color. It was too interesting not to try for myself, so that's exactly what I did. Find out how it turned out below!


What It Is

This new product from Careline is an innovative clear gloss, described as a magic lip product that changes color when applied to the lips. It's said to adapt to the skin's pH level so it gives off a different and personalized shade for anyone who uses it.

How I Used It

The picture I'm basing this off of didn't really relay any specific instructions so I just went rogue and figured it out on my own. I started by following Andrea's method of application by using the doe-foot applicator to directly put the product on my lids, and then I blended it with my ring finger using dabbing motions. I found that while this does make the color more concentrated, you don't have much control with how much product goes on your lids. You also only have a short window of time to really blend it out before it sets.

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On my other eye, I tried a different method in an attempt to control the product better. I first deposited the gloss stain on the back of my hand, warmed it up a bit, and then finally patted it onto my eyelid. While doing this lessens the glossy finish, it gives you full control of the amount of product going on your skin so there's less chance of it becoming goopy. To avoid harsh lines, I concentrated the color in the center of my lids first and then worked my way outwards for a subtle ombré effect.

PHOTO BY Careline

CARELINE Stain Gloss, P125, Beauty Beat 

Here's the final look:

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Chin Ann ObiedO


I'm in love with this new trick. It only took me about five minutes to do this eye look, which I'm sure would have taken longer if I used regular eyeshadow and put gloss on top. I've been meaning to try glossy eye makeup, too, but I always seem to put it off. But with this stain gloss, trying the look is easy, and I can also use the product in a multitude of ways. Plus, it's really affordable.


Will I try to do this again? Definitely. But only when I'm in a pinch or really in the mood for a glossy look. Full disclosure: This is the kind of eye makeup that you will feel throughout the day. It won’t set completely like an eyeshadow, so maybe skip it if you have sensitive eyes or oily eyelids. Also, I wouldn't bet on this for a long day wear. I noticed it fading after a few hours but it does leave a nice stain, so I bet it’ll work wonders for your lips and cheeks!

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