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8 Budge-Proof Powder Foundations That Are Amazing for Oily Skin

Coverage and a matte finish all in one.
A liquid foundation can sometimes feel heavy on the face especially for people dealing with an oily skin type. If you want a lighter base, a powder foundation is the way to go! It's best for absorbing excess oil while providing you

8 Redness-Correcting Green Bases That'll Help You Wear Less Foundation

Rid your skin of that summer day redness!
With the summer heat amplifying, our skin’s been getting redder the longer we stay under the sun. The weather’s also been making us switch out our usual base products to relieve ourselves of that extra layer of suffocation—making skin tints a beloved

Here's How to Find the Best Shade of Pink Lipstick for You

Yes, there's a perfect pink for everybody.
To many, pink is a color that’s intimidating or too bold—but products such as the viral nude pink Pillow Talk lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury shows that isn't always true! Just like any other shade in the color wheel, pink has a diverse

7 Fresh Makeup Looks We're Copying from "He's Into Her" Star Criza Taa

She has the perfect looks to try if you want to look blooming in no time!
Need a new peg when it comes to fresh and youthful makeup looks? Look no further than Criza Taa's Instagram profile. A simple scroll through her grid will tell you that the 17-year-old actress usually sports bushy brows, a simple cat-eye, flushed cheeks, and a glossy

Well, It Looks Like the Brow Trend Now Is...No Brows

We can't say we didn't see it coming.
In a world where "kilay is life," there will inevitably come a time where not. And that time, apparently, is now. Call it a phase, but we've all seen old trends—no matter how ridiculous—be resucitated before. The chokehold that the '90s

10 Minimal Makeup Looks We're Copying from MUPH 2022 Candidates

Cop these gorgeous beauty queen-approved looks!
With coronation night for this year's Miss Universe Philippines right around the corner, the candidates' stunning makeup looks are all over our feeds! But while we love the usual pageant glitz and glam, these gorgeous ladies have proven they could easily pull

8 Times Alexa Ilacad Inspired Us to Try Fun, Daring Eye Makeup Looks

Like most of us, Alexa's been inspired by the aesthetics of "Euphoria."
Let's face it: We typically skip eye makeup when doing our everyday makeup routines. Eye makeup is only reserved for special occasions, right? But now that we're gradually adjusting to the "new normal," it seems like fun eyeshadow looks are finally making

10 Celebrity-Approved Lip Tints Perfect for Your Everyday Makeup Look

Take this as your sign to try a new lippie!
Everyone has their own favorite lip tint, and we can see why! They're so lightweight and multifunctional—a great choice for quick "no-makeup" makeup looks. With loads of different lip tints on the market, though, it can be confusing to decide which one

A Makeup Brand Just Exposed Amber Heard's Lie About Johnny Depp's Alleged Abuse

They presented a glaring inconsistency in one of her statements.
The internet's eyes and ears are on the ongoing trial between celebrity ex-spouses Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. The case centers on Heard's physical and domestic abuse allegations against Depp throughout their one-year marriage. The trial is still ongoing, but recently, a

What Is "Douyin" Makeup and Why Is It Going Viral?

It's a dreamy mix of East Asian makeup techniques.
You know that we love to keep up with the latest makeup trends because well, for one, it’s our job, and two, it’s an exciting world that always has something to new to offer. And lately, there's been one trend that's all

8 Simple, Celeb-Approved Makeup Looks to Try for Beginners

Because good makeup doesn't always have to be complicated.
Unpopular opinion: Good makeup doesn't always have to be complicated. Sure, we all enjoy an *extra look* every now and then, but there's also nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. After all, simple makeup looks are ideal for makeup newbies and

8 Best Glossy Lip Tints to Shop for an Effortlessly Juicy Pout

Cop that "jelly lip" look with these moisturizing stains!
Glossy lips are one of those things you can never go wrong with. It’s a look that’s versatile but also statement-worthy, which is why it’s a timeless staple for every makeup kit. But for those looking for a quick, easy way to