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Colourpop's Lizzie McGuire Collection Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Every product looks straight out of the 2000s!
Few things encapsulate the culture of early 2000s like hit Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire, which premiered in 2001 and starred aughts icon Hilary Duff. Lizzie, whose misadventures we watched for two seasons and a movie, was the embodiment of '00s fashion,

10 Best Tinted Lip Balms for a Kissable, Natural-Looking Pout

Give your lipstick a break.
While lip tints, glosses, and lipsticks are all staples in our beauty arsenals, tinted balms remain something we can't live without. Besides, who can say no to smooth, hydrated lips with a wash of color? Some balms even deliver additional sun protection

10 Tricks That Will Help Enhance Your Morena Skin

Your outfit and makeup can make such a difference!
At some point in every morena's life, relatives and beauty counters have recommended the use of whitening products. Some may even have been encouraged to do certain things (like not wearing all white) to take attention away from their tan complexion.Luckily, more

7 Easy, Lazy-Girl Friendly Ways to Get Glowing Skin

The minimal effort for that maximum impact!
Glowing skin became a goal of most girls ever since strobing became a thing back in 2015. The desire got even magnified when glass skin became a global obsession. You're definitely gonna be inspired to take care of your skin after seeing Rei Germar and

5 Products That Can Give You Natural-Looking, Feathery Brows

These picks won't make your brows look overdrawn.
While there are people who like having perfectly filled-in brows, some simply want a soft, natural look. If you also prefer the latter, you'll love these brow picks below!This brow pen will speed up your routine! It has a three-prong tip so you’ll be

Colourpop Is Launching an "Animal Crossing" Makeup Collection and We Want Everything

The products are inspired by Animal Crossing's most loved characters!
We can always count on Colourpop Cosmetics to have the cutest makeup collabs (remember their ultra-glittery Sailor Moon collection?), and they sure aren't breaking that streak this year! The American beauty brand is launching an Animal Crossing collection this week, which—spoiler alert—will definitely

You Won't Believe What Ellen Adarna Looks Like Without Makeup

FYI, she removes her makeup in two easy steps.
New mom and two-time Preview cover girl Ellen Adarna likes to keep it real. The actress is slowly making her way back into show biz with a new show. Though it's been a while since we've seen her all dolled up in

10 Best Glossier Products You Need to Try in This Lifetime

Find out why everyone is obsessed with this beauty brand.
At this point, who hasn't heard of Glossier? The beauty brand has practically become the standard for real girl skinimalism since launching in 2014—its name is now synonymous to dewy skin, fluffy brows, plus a bubble wrap pouch in a very specific shade of

7 Minimal Makeup Looks to Try If You Love a "Less Is More" Vibe

Easy, but definitely not boring!
Before anything else, we just want to clarify that minimal makeup looks aren't just about neutral hues and MLBBs. You can still actually play with highlighters and bright hues while keeping everything low-key. In fact, we found pretty celeb-approved MOTDs that may

The Best Lip Products We Tried This 2020

These are definitely worth adding to cart!
Even mask season couldn't stop our love affair with lip products. Besides, we're still hopeful that we'll be back to wearing them full-time soon, so having our favorites already on-hand won't hurt. Ahead, we run down our top 10 lip balms, lipsticks,

These Beauty Trends Will Be Big in 2021, According to Pinterest

Being a "skinimalist" is one of them.
Pinterest has released their annual "not-yet-trending" report for 2021, which can help us get ahead of the game. New terms such as "skinimalism" and "indie beauty" have surfaced in its beauty category, and they're already making us look forward to the new year!To

10 Best K-Beauty Products We Tried This 2020

These are major game-changers.
A quick look at our vanities right now would tell you one thing: We're obsessed with K-beauty. Sure, we have been for a while, but the discoveries we've had in 2020 have been so game-changing that they deserve an entire article. So,

4 Pretty Holiday Makeup Looks to Try If You Have Monolid Eyes

From soft glam to sparkly looks!
Having monolid eyes can be challenging for a beauty junkie like me. There have been instances when I had to overdo my eyeliner just to make it more visible, and creating a smoky eye had been difficult to achieve without ending up with

5 Fresh Ways to Wear Blush, According to Influencers

Tired of your usual blush look? Try these!
When you don't have enough time to play up your eyes, experiment with your blush instead. We swear, applying it in a slightly different way or choosing a different shade can change your entire look! The fact that it'll take you half