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7 Tips to Achieving Luscious Wavy Hair

Take those frizzy coils and turn them into luscious waves.
In a culture where long, straight black hair is valued, those born with naturally wavy hair have always found themselves in a conundrum: Their locks aren’t as straight or as sleek as those shampoo commercial models'. But today, more and more girls

Here Are 10 Liquid Eyeliners That Will Last the Entire Day

This one's for all you, feline flick fans.
There are no better confidence boosters than a good red lipstick and a perfect feline flick a la Heart Evangelista. Thats said, anyone serious about eyeliners knows that the perfect one has to be smudge-proof, highly-pigmented, and can last us from a

How to Always Look Good in Passport and ID Photos

Don't take these pics for granted.
Come to think of it, ID photos are forever. Government IDs are valid for as long as you live (or stay here in the Philippines), and you use passports, driver's licenses, company IDs for years. Don't you think it's a must that

Here's Exactly Why You Need to Stop Using Your Expired Makeup

When in doubt, throw it out.
If your skin has been breaking out recently but you can't figure out the culprit behind it, you should probably check your makeup products' expiration dates. Since when has that foundation or blush been sitting at the corner of your vanity table?

All The Fun Ways To Add Bronze To Your Makeup Looks

This metallic hue is totally wearable!
It's already 2020, can you believe it? If you're longing to change up your usual lewk but you're still iffy about leaving "safe" colors like chocolate or beige, you can take a baby step by using bronze. It's a wearable hue that

Bad Beauty Habits You Should Ditch in 2020

Say hello to healthier skin and hair!
It's already 2020, and it's high time that you ditch bad beauty habits you've been practicing all your life. Unlearning these will help you score healthier hair and clearer skin in the future. It may take a lot of effort, but we're

Where to Get Long-Lasting Gel Manicures in Metro Manila

Glossy and chip-free nails for weeks!
With the holiday rush more palpable than ever, we suggest you treat yourself to a quick trip to the nail salon this weekend. Instead of getting a regular mani-pedi, indulge in gel polish services!Gel nail polish services are a bit more expensive

10 Store Openings That Got Us Excited in 2019

The Metro Manila shopping scene was pretty far from boring.
The year 2019 was a good one for the Metro Manila shopping scene. We saw a lot of fun brand collabs, exciting sneaker drops, and huge sale events all around the Metro. There were a lot of cool store openings, too, from international

All the Fun Ways to Add Gold to Your Makeup Looks

Bring on the New Year with this festive hue!
New Year is slowly creeping in, and so are the party and reunion invites from your family, relatives, and friends. For your holiday season MOTD, ditch the neutrals and go for something a little more festive—gold!Below, we've rounded up all the fun

15 Nude Manicure Ideas That Aren't Boring at All

Classic but never basic.
You'll never perceive nude nail polish as a safe, boring color again after seeing these design ideas. You see, the skin-tone hue acts as a perfect canvas for playful nail art or elegant embellishments. Plus, these manicures can be worn at weddings,

5 Easy Tips to Get a Flawless Foundation Base

Cake-face no more!
Sometimes, we can get so caught up in mastering an intricate eyeshadow look or sweeping a lot of highlighter. We forget that the most important part of our look: the base. Below, we have compiled some tips to ensure that you get

All the Fun Ways to Add Red to Your Makeup Looks

We're in love with this crimson hue!
When it comes to creating our makeup looks, we only use red for our lipstick and maybe as an occasional eyeshadow (only when we're feeling extra adventurous). It's a hue that we normally associate with being sultry or sexy, but what you

11 Ways to Style a Pixie Cut

Ask your hairdresser for any of these stylish cropped ‘dos!
There’s no doubt that pixie hair remains to be the definitive “cool girl” hairstyle—a cropped cut that exudes confidence and effortless style at the same time as proven by timeless icons such as Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. Granted, long hair will always

6 Ways to Style Your Baby Hair

Make those wisps work for you!
You may remember back in high school when you used to hate your baby hairs: those pesky, unruly little wisps that just won’t be tamed no matter how you brushed them up or down. Despite all efforts, those tendrils just wouldn’t go

All the Fun Ways to Add Green to Your Makeup Looks

It's actually such a wearable color!
Green-colored makeup is something we often don't take a second look at because we associate it with the Christmas season or high fashion editorial beauty shoots. However, when applied properly, it looks absolutely striking, especially against the dusky complexion of Pinays. It's

Attention, Beauty Junkies: Aesop Is Opening in Manila in 2020

We can't wait!
If you've been waiting for Aesop to open in the Philippines, then we bring you good news: the Melbourne-based beauty brand is opening their first store in Manila in 2020! Aesop is known for their skincare and bodycare products, but their stores