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We Asked Filipinas to Reveal the Best Sunscreens They've Ever Tried

Watch their Real Girl Review and shop their favorites here!
There's no escaping the scorching heat in the metro! Summer is far from simmering down and with these soaring temperatures, it's so important to always be protected from the sun's harmful rays. With countless brands to choose from, we reached out to

What Causes "Acne" on Your Bum and How to Deal With It

Spoiler: It's not really acne.
Pimples are annoying wherever they pop up: The forehead, chin, cheeks, and sometimes the other pair of cheeks. We're talking about the bum. We can never forget times when we would feel super cute in our bikinis and then see red dots

8 Gen Z YouTubers Who Launched Their Own Businesses

They carry the title and responsibilities of a "business owner" on top of their other daily duties.
Content creation as a career choice is no joke. What most people don't know is that a lot of thought and effort go into making a single video or even an IG post. Many of this generation's top influencers are also full-time students, so you

These 3 Creatives Embody the Filipino Beauty Industry's Transition into the New Age

As part of the Preview Creative 25, Joel Andrade, Nicole Limos Morales, and Viñas DeLuxe are bringing all the shades of Filipino beauty into the spotlight.
When it comes to beauty we think of eyeshadow, curling irons, and perfume. But more than that, beauty is a discovery of oneself. It’s the moments when we wear a red lip and feel powerful; it’s sharing product recommendations; it’s when we

Here's Why This Drag Queen Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Nose Job

Preview Creative 25 honoree Viñas Deluxe tells us why nothing or no one could possibly bring her down about her recent nose job.
Simply put, Viñas Deluxe's job is to be looked at. One of the most recognizable names in today's local drag scene, thousands of eyes gaze at her on the daily, whether she's lipsyncing on stage (or on screen), or advertising her wigs

7 Female K-Pop Idols with Tattoos You Rarely See on TV

One of them has matching tattoos with someone in her group!
There's no denying that tattoos are one of the best options if you want to commemorate a special moment or even a special person in your life. They last for a lifetime, and can be unique to only you. That, and the

Here's How This Filipina Entrepreneur Started a Luxury Lipstick Brand in the US

Championing luxury, sustainability, and inclusivity, Kolorete Cosmetics is ready to take over the American beauty scene.
When she immigrated to the US in 2017, Johanna Vizmanos couldn't help noticing the lack of Filipino representation in the American beauty industry. The fact that Filipinos comprise a large chunk of the Asian population in the country only made the gap more

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Thinking about getting inked?
Fantasizing about tattoo ideas is fun, but actually getting inked is a completely different story. Tattoos are typically permanent (kind of, at least), so feelings of doubt and intimidation may temper your initial excitement. The final decision is obviously up to you,

12 Elegant Forearm Tattoo Designs That Can Inspire Your Next Ink

It's one of the best placements for first-timers!
Since the forearm is a body part we often see the most, placing a tattoo on that area is quite special. It could be your best accessory, or the meaning it holds could serve as a constant reminder. So, if you’ve planning

What Is the Curly Girl Method and How Exactly Should You Do It?

It actually works on every hair type!
If you grew up in the Philippines, you’ll know that there’s one type of beauty standard for hair that has permeated the collective consciousness: long, black, pin-straight strands. Search for any shampoo commercial that dates as far back to the ‘90s and

10 Best Hair Growth Shampoos for Stronger, Thicker Locks

Achieve the thick luscious hair of your dreams with these picks.
A beauty problem we may all face at one point is hair loss. But to make you feel a little bit better, hair loss is more common than people think, and it can happen to almost anyone.According to dermatologists and hair experts,

These Were the Most-Sold Skincare in K-Beauty Store Olive Young for 2021

One product has been their #1 serum for nine years!
A trip to Korea wouldn't be complete without a visit to the country's biggest health and beauty store, Olive Young. It's skincare and makeup paradise, with walls lined with countless K-beauty gems and world-famous staples. Irresistable deals and discounts are everywhere, too, so