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The Internet Is Obsessed with This DIY Hack for Flawless French Tips

It's easy, and works even if you have shaky hands!
Tiktok has now become the best place for discovering helpful hacks, and a cool trick that's been making rounds recently is all about nails—French tips, to be exact!This French tip hack was first made viral by Tiktok user Maria Zarkova, who made instant

Here's How Rice Water Can Give You Stronger, Shinier Hair

Asian women have sworn by this trick for centuries!
One of the first things you do when cooking rice is wash the grains to remove all that extra starch and dirt. But did you know the cloudy water you normally throw away can be good for your hair? The next time

We Found This Genius Hack to Getting Korean-Style Straight Brows

Using a toothpick! No kidding!
If you're obsessed with K-pop celebrities, chances are, you've noticed that they love straight brows. This eyebrow style draws attention to the center of the face, which helps create the illusion of a smaller visage. It can also make you look more youthful!However, it

These are Yam Concepcion's Top 3 Favorite Red Lipsticks

She reveals the lippie she uses as Jade Flores, too!
Yam Concepcion loves a good red lipstick—much like her iconic role as Jade Flores in Halik. Since the actress is known for her signature crimson lip on primetime TV, we asked what her personal favourites are and how to essentially layer all

An Easy Mascara Hack for Longer, Fuller Lashes

You can use ANY mascara to achieve this look!
I never leave the house without wearing mascara. I feel like my look is incomplete without it. Personally, I find that it gives that added flare to my face and makes my eyes pop! Wearing mascara can instantly change the game and

The Hack to Applying the Perfect Amount of Serum Every Time

You're welcome.
As a concentrated product used to address certain skin concerns (like hydration, fine lines and dark spots), serum is a pretty important factor in our skin care routines. To fully reap the benefits of this product, a sufficient amount is required. But

How to Make Sure Your Highlighter Shows Up in Photos

So you can get your glow on.
In the realm of strobing, that killer cheekbone shimmer is key. It gives your face that razor sharp definition, plus elevates your skin from subtle shimmer to sparkling shine. For today's makeup tip, let LA-based makeup artist Patrick Ta school you on

Here's How to Fix Your Broken Powder Makeup

It's easy, promise!
When your powder makeup bungee jumps from your fingers to the floor, it's completely okay to have a mini heart attack. What's not okay, though, is throwing that shattered compact into the trash without a fight. Why? Because you can still fix

5 Makeup Artist Hacks You Need to Know

Straight from celebrity makeup artist Jigs Mayuga.
When it comes to beauty advice, there's no better source than straight from the experts. In the video below, our guest editor for the month of June clues us in on how to get that fresh foundation glow, how to achieve those

This Beauty Hack Keeps Your Lashes Curled All Day Long

Now, you don't have to bring your eyelash curler everywhere you go.
It's no secret that curling your lashes can fake wide awake eyes effortlessly even though you might have gotten only three hours of sleep. But if your lashes are straight as a line, keeping your lashes curled all day can be a

This DIY Hack Turns Ordinary Shampoo Into an Anti-Dandruff Treatment

No more emergency shampoo runs!
Anyone suffering from dandruff would know the struggle of finding the right shampoo. Every bottle in store shelves promise to get your flaky situation sorted out, only to disappoint you after 30 washes. As it happens, you're probably changing shampoo brands every

Here's a Genius Trick to Making Your Hair Smell Fresh All Day

Who would've thought?
In the face of city pollution and strong cafeteria odors, even the best-smelling shampoos struggle to compete. One big enough puff of smoke and your hair-washing efforts can be gone in a flash. Sigh.On the bright side, a quick fix does exist

Here's How to Use Every Shade in Your Makeup Palette

Yes, it's possible!
Admit it, beauty junkies, you've spent a lot on makeup palettes for just one or two shades. You promise yourself to use every single hue in the pan—from sultry shades to pretty shimmers. You say you'll hit the town in smokey eyes

8 Eye Makeup Tips for Girls With Monolid Eyes

No need for eyelid tape!
Calling all chinita girls out there! If you're struggling to do your eye makeup, we've got you covered. You don't have to scour Pinterest or YouTube in search of the easiest monolid tutorials as we've rounded up below the most basic and

5 Easy Tips to Help You Look Like You Had 8 Hours of Sleep

Your face doesn't have to show you're sleep-deprived.
We understand your struggle, Preview girls. Working hard the night before can render you sluggish and dreadfully sleepy the next day. But alas, work ensues, which also entails you to look presentable, no matter the long night you just had. And despite