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Beauty Review: 5 Red Lip Products You Can Wear During the Day

You can totally pull these off!
Finding your perfect red is very important. It has confidence-boosting superpowers and everyone should have one crimson lippie that makes them feel powerful. There are a lot of red lip products out there but not all are made equally. So I took

This Light, Easy-Rinse Conditioner Made My Hair Soft and Bouncy

It did everything a conditioner should, but faster.
Cream Silk's Hydra Fresh conditioners are said to have the brand's lightest and freshest conditioning system yet. It's water-based and infused with hydracollagen technology, which helps the conditioner absorb quicker while delivering hydration effectively. The lightweight formula also claims to be easy

This Illuminating Serum Lightened My Age Spots in Three Weeks

This writer and avowed nemesis of dark spots sees the light—and welcomes it
Dark spots and dullness—they can be caused by acne scarring or spending too much time in the sun without the proper protection. Or, in my case, they’re the most conspicuous signs that my skin is starting to age, and that I am

I Used Apple Cider Vinegar on My Scalp for a Month to Treat Dandruff

Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness says it’s a great DIY dandruff fix!
During my stint as Cosmo’s beauty editor, I heard many theories about how you should take care of your scalp. A Kérastase expert once told me that you should wash it daily (think of it as an extension of your skin, he

I Took These Instagram-Famous Pink Pills for a Month to Get Clearer Skin

I had high expectations from Tati Westbrook's brand Halo Beauty.
If there’s one beauty-related thing I've always wanted to achieve, it’s to have clear and not-so-oily skin. Apart from having oily-skin genes, though, one thing that gets in the way of my skin goals is my laziness to apply multiple skincare products.

I Went on a Skincare Diet and It Gave Me Clearer Skin

My breakouts calmed down after two weeks!
Last April, my skin started breaking out more than usual. It was an unfortunate mix of hormonal acne, a negative reaction to new products, and the fact that it's summer, so my oily and acne-prone skin was having a tough time adjusting.

Review: This Treatment Instantly Softened My Callused Feet

My feet were noticeably softer after an hour.
Summer is here and if you want to look and feel flawless from head-to-toe, you mustn’t forget about your feet. If you’ve been dealing with dry skin on your heels, preventing you from posing like a swimsuit model by the sand, then

I Tried This Drink That Claims to Help Me Achieve Better Sleep

No more sleepless nights!
What: Good Night Drink, P79/25omlWhat It Is: Made in Austria, the Good Night Drink claims to help you get peaceful sleep at night. It contains natural herbs like lemon balm and hops to help relieve stress and anxiety. It's a fizzy drink made with

We Tried These Beauty Queen-Approved Lipsticks and Here's What We Think

Beauty queens like Rachel Peters, Venus Raj, Ariella Arida, Karen Galman, and Gabriella Isler all swear by it!
A lipstick is perhaps the one indispensable beauty item in a lady's purse. One swipe of a rich rouge can set the tone of your day or change your mood, even. This is probably why beauty pageant queens pay close attention to

Take a Step Towards Sustainability With This Affordable Bath Line

Here’s what you need to know about Love Beauty and Planet.
What makes you pause when you’re scanning the shelves at the supermarket, trying to figure out which product will make it to your shower shelf? Apart from how a formula makes your hair and skin look and feel, it’s nice when they

Review: We Found Pigmented Eyeshadow Palettes at the Drugstore

We gave BYS' 12-color palettes a try, and here's what we think.
As major eyeshadow fans, we love having options. We especially appreciate palettes with more than four shades, because not only can we create more looks from one product, it urges us to experiment with a different look every time. Granted that we'd

I Tried P4000 Worth of Dry Shampoos in Search of the Best

Did I find my new favorite?
Washing one's hair every other day has become a popular habit, resulting in hundreds of dry shampoos on the market. In case you didn't know, not washing your hair often can make it look limp and dull due to the strands' oil buildup.