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8 Meaningful Anklet Tattoo Ideas You'll Definitely Fall in Love With

8 Meaningful Anklet Tattoo Ideas You'll Definitely Fall in Love With
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It can be your best (permanent) accessory!

If you love the look of armband tattoos but want something easier to hide, ankle band tattoos are your best bet. This placement is stunning when you're wearing your favorite pair of heels, or simply showing some skin at the beach! But while we can all agree that it's serious eye candy, it's also more than just a stylish spot to place your ink. This placement holds a lot of meaning, too! 

Traditionally, some sport an anklet tattoo when a loved one has passed away, when a special relationship has ended, or when a big chapter of their life has come to a close. It can represent special memories or moments with people that you want to carry forever. But even if these reasons do not resonate with you, you can still project a special meaning with your chosen ankle band design. After all, there are no rules!

What to expect before getting an ankle band tattoo

Since the skin on our ankle is thin, you should expect an anklet tattoo to fade faster than ones on other placements. That said, this can be easily fixed through retouching. Also, regardless of the size of your ink, the procedure for an ankle ink is going to be a painful one since this area is sensitive and bony. Don’t let this discourage you, though, because you’ll surely fall in love with the outcome. So, if you’re sure of getting an ankle band tattoo but are still in the process of choosing a design, we collected some inspo below to help you find a lovely and meaningful one!


8 Ankle Band Tattoo Ideas and The Meanings Behind Them

1. Single Line Moon Tattoo

Every night, the moon shows us a different phase. It resembles how we experience growth and change in our lives–never stagnant and always changing. A simple moon with a line around your ankle would not only make such an endearing tattoo, but it will also motivate you to keep working on becoming your best self, too!

anklet tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@maharlika.handpoke

2. Colorful Florals

Having your favorite bright blossoms intertwined as an ankle band tattoo will surely bring a smile to your face on days when you’re down. This ink below is designed with daisies, sweat peas, baby roses, and freesias, whose scents and delightful exterior will remind you to take breaks and relax.

anklet tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@jooyoung_tt
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3. Sapphire Anklet

Is it just us or does this sapphire anklet tattoo looks like the real thing? Its luster and elegance makes it such a striking tatt! Not only that, a sapphire's beautiful blue color also symbolizes royalty, and it attracts abundance and blessings. If you love to manifest some good luck in your life, a sapphire anklet tattoo would be the perfect choice!

anklet tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@42.west

4. Feathers

When looking down at your feet, a tattoo of feathers strapped on your ankle stands for the fact that you have the ability to spread your own wings. It could encourage you to listen to your gut, be brave, and claim your freedom in everything that you do. Even when things don’t go as you planned, these feathers will assure you that everything will take flight in time.

anklet tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@nur_tattoo_art

5. Moonlight Waves

Listening to the waves at night is quite a different experience. They tend to have a more powerful tone than the waves in the day, yet it easily puts any spectator in a peaceful state—especially when it’s coupled with dazzling stars and the bright moonlight. Getting this image tatted on your ankle can be a reminder of life's constant motion and the importance of rest if you've gone through a long journey. 

ankle band tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@handitrip

6. Seashell

Another way to display an anklet tattoo of a wave is in color, and adding a bright-colored seashell as its focus. Aside from being a stunning design, it'll also represent playfulness, youth, and your love for the ocean. Remember that rush of excitement when discovering lovely sheels on the seashore when you were a kid? We're sure that you'll have that same child-like feeling every time you see this on your ankle, even if it’s just a tattoo.

ankle band tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@koray_karagozler

7. Closed Cherry Blossoms

We all anticipate the beauty of cherry blossoms in the spring time, and some even travel to witness it. However, before they start to bloom, did you know that cherry blossoms are small and devoid of color? In fact, when done as a tattoo, it can accurately represent how we go through the same thing, that even if we can’t avoid doubting ourselves, we should be assured that we’ll peak at the right moment—just like precious cherry blossoms.

ankle band tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@handitrip

8. Scenery

Whenever we visit a place so magical and picturesque, it’s simply hard to let go of that image. That’s why we suggest imprinting your favorite travel destination on your ankle, just like this ink that captures a scenic place in Scotland. So that even if you are not travelling at the moment, you will be reminded of the peace you felt at the sight of that place.

ankle band tattoo with meaning
PHOTO BY Instagram/@mentat_gamze

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