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10 Meaningful Words Tattoos That You Won’t Regret Getting Inked

Because tattoos are forever and you should live life with #noregrets!
If you’ve been mulling over the thought of getting a tattoo, treat this as a sign for you to finally say yes to getting inked! The appeal of tattoos have grown over the years and for good reason. Now, they’re treated like

10 Popular Tattoo Designs And the Meanings Behind Them

These inks are well-loved for a reason.
Getting a tattoo, especially your first one, is nothing short of exciting. There are countless tatt options out there, but it can easily get overwhelming to decide on one you want to keep forever. So if you want to make the process

These Are the Hidden Meanings Behind Max Collins' Discreet Tattoos

Did you know that she got her first tattoo when she was 17?
Unless you're really eagle-eyed, you might not be able to tell that Max Collins is tattooed at all. The mom and actress' inks are so subtle, only peeping through when she's in crop tops and swimsuits. She only recently talked about them

12 Small, Meaningful Tattoo Ideas You Won't Regret Getting

Take a look at these dainty designs!
Small tattoos may be meant to be discreet, but there’s no doubt that these works of art can hold a lot of meaning to their bearer. Not to mention how tattoos in general, regardless of size, tend to say a lot about

Nadine Lustre Finally Shares the Meanings Behind Her Leg Tattoos

They give us a glimpse of why the actress feels she's at her best state.
Last June, Nadine Lustre was spotted getting a fresh set of inks at her go-to tattoo studio, 55 Tinta. The actress-musician had the words "it is what it is" and "that's it" written on her calves, and it's one of her smallest

10 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Want your ink to be more than just aesthetic?
A tattoo is more than just a cool personalized beauty mark; it’s a commitment. Whatever the design or artwork you choose to stamp on your skin, it’ll be a part of you forever—much like a signature. So before you go under the