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25 Ways to Wear a White Blazer in Your Work OOTDs

It's an underrated daily staple.
25 Ways to Wear a White Blazer in Your Work OOTDs
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It's an underrated daily staple.

We're pretty sure you own a black suit jacket, and we're also pretty sure you wear it at least 20 times a week. Hyperbolic but correct, yes? It's almost positively our lives' mission to help you identify every possible underrated style staple out there, so here's another: Ponder the serious potential of its fairer sister, the white blazer.

Thing is, it's versatile and totally adaptable to whatever sartorial situation you may find yourself in. Desk to drinks becomes literal—envision it looking perfectly pristine and incomparably capable as you type away on your desktop, finishing your weekly tasks with a flourish...then, in a lightning quick flash, imagine how elegant you'll be sipping on a cocktail in that dark, moody, secret speakeasy come the fleeting freedom of Friday. The best of both worlds. Plus, it's your new incentive to practice taking extra care where you sit and what you eat. Spills and stains are the enemy, but a tactile mastery of wining and dining sans accidental splatters is essential.


Okay, we're babbling. Here, peruse and pursue 25 flawless #lewks that'll pose as your resolute reason to finally invest in the spotless, immaculate white blazer of your corporate closet dreams. Call us enablers; still, you'll eventually see that the splurge was worth it. Trust us.

Spruce up a tee and trousers with Jessica Jung's pinstriped option. A subtle, understated print that'll remain en vogue forever and ever, amen.

Summer doesn't have to be a bummer, says Mari Jasmine. Air conditioning available or not, choose a light, breezy linen version that can work both indoors and out in Manila's infernal blaze.

It's the perfect blanc backdrop for carefully trying out the plush, Prada statement headband trend! If you've been dying to work the look but are scared of looking much too costumey, Liz Uy's advice is to go plain, tailored, and searingly optic.

We're captivated and blown away by the sheer...sheerness of this Liz look. Fun fact: This was one of her cover 'fits from back in January 2018!


Another very, very current thing you're perhaps aiming to sample: bike shorts. Pernille Teisbaek tastefully kills two birds with one stone here, so thank her for the inspo. We're sure she's glad to be of service.

High time for an overdue bit of color. Heart Evangelista wore this sparkly rainbow-striped pencil skirt to gracefully receive her Equality Champion Award onstage last year, and we've never seen an outfit more appropriate for the occasion.

Think about how great a creamy vanilla blazer would fare over a unique graphic button-up shirt and dependable ol' blue jeans. You imagine it, and Jiwoo Jung's making it happen.

Douse the aforementioned bike shorts combo with a loud logo splash via Chanel emblazoned slides. TyLynn Nguyen agrees wholeheartedly.

Suiting up to the high nines just might be the answer to every wardrobe dilemma in the entire universe. Elegant Saturday brunch with the girls? Post office hours chill? Georgina Wilson suggests dressing down power co-ords with flat, square-toed clear sandals.


A cropped bustier top works quite well, too.

Once the clock strikes five and you've zoomed right out of that final long meeting, yank those pants off. Pauleen Luna cinches, steps into her cherry red platforms, and parties. Note that this trick calls for a slightly longer versh that can double as a minidress!

Janella Salvador's got two highly of-the-moment touches going for her: A chain-link belt and a pair of bermuda shorts. Fresh.

Feathers make all the difference when preparing for a posh, glitzy evening ahead, according to Sarah Lahbati. Don't forget the fun, fuzzy Fendi Zucca frenzy. She's singing in the key of F major.

This is so neat, so wholesome, so satisfyingly chic. Amina Muaddi styles her oversized jacket closed over loose, relaxed black trousers and fantastic jeweled heels from her own buzzworthy namesake shoe label. Swoon.

Vanessa Hong updates classic minimalist white-on-white with a thin, skintight tank top and strappy, barely-there lace up stilettos. Sometimes less really is still more, even in this age of lavish fashion decadence.


Queen Rihanna herself has spoken. Her dainty porcelain OOTD's star piece has got to be that au courant silk slip skirt.

Suin Sung prances the ultra ladylike route in a sugar sweet lacy shift dress, tiers of pearl ropes, and an adorably tiny, patent scarlet Lady Dior purse. 

Never fear hues! Maria Bernad does clever color blocking right in 2019 with cool, updated silhouettesspy that exaggerated periwinkle collar, straight-leg jeans the shade of an asparagus, and tan, structural mules.

The alabaster blazer easily shimmies straight into the lax, languid weekend with a matching pair of street savvy Balenciaga kicks. High-cut white socks are deemed necessesary for channeling that old school flair.

Oh, but sneakers can glam up, too. Yoyo Cao dons an interesting Ports 1961 pair with diamond drop earrings, smooth bare stems, and ivory power shoulders.

Monogram magic lingers in the air. Chiara Ferragni's taken a particular liking to Dior's near omnipresent navy Oblique pattern, twinning her belt with a covetable little crossbody.


Remember that when worn with white, any punchy hue registers 3000% more vibrant. The rules of contrast apply to monochrome shamrock and olive! Daryl Chang proves our point.

You snooze, you lose! Pajama chic is ready to revel 'til the sunrise courtesy of Aimee Song. We adore those cute flat Mary Janes and how they remind us of the forgotten childhood threads our moms used to choose for us.

So your undying loyalty lies with trusty, tried neutrals. Camila Coelho doesn't consider that a problem, choosing a sleek yet earthy taupe turtleneck to go under her crisp, achingly clean ecru suit. Garnish with curated, layered jewelry and your natural boss babe strut.

Boudoir vibes alert. There's nothing more sensually luxurious than a spray of black lace and swirling eggshell satin, so grab yourself a sultry closetful.