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Han So Hee Looks Completely Different in Her Pre-Debut Photos and the Internet Can't Get Over It

Did you know she used to have tattoos?
Han So Hee Looks Completely Different in Her Pre-Debut Photos and the Internet Can't Get Over It
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/xeesoxee, TWITTER/mamachaeng
Did you know she used to have tattoos?

From her iconic performance on The World of the Married as Yeo Da-kyung, to her now talked about portrayal of Yu Na-bi in Nevertheless, there’s no denying Han So Hee is the rising actress to watch in the K-drama world. Apart from her ongoing series, though, the star is also a hot topic right now for her pre-debut photos.

ICYMI, photos of So Hee, taken before her acting career took off, recently resurfaced on Twitter, and fans are positively gushing over her stunning visuals.

Not only that, netizens can’t help but point out the stark difference between her girl crush-worthy, loose and laidback style back then, and her more chic and feminine way of dress now. One thing’s for sure, she’s stunning either way!

han so hee instagram

Of course, fans of Nevertheless weighed in on the photos, too, pointing out how the image of So Hee with a cigarette resembles Park Jae-on, Na-bi’s love interest, as played by Song Kang on the show. “Park Jae-on’s moves would not last a second on So Hee,” commented one user on TikTok.

han so hee predebut photos
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That said, what caused the most stir on social media were the tattoos on So Hee’s body that are now nowhere to be seen.

This left some questions on whether they were real or just temporary henna tattoos. 

The truth? They were, indeed, real ink that So Hee had to get removed in order to pursue her acting career. The actress spoke up about her pre-debut photos last March 2020 after they first caused a controversy among Korean netizens who brought up the images at the height of So Hee’s The World of the Married fame. Not used to actors with tattoos, they weren’t pleased about the permanent drawings she used to have on her arms, to say the least. Luckily, the then 24-year-old remained unbothered by the backlash.


“That past self was me and this current self is also me. My life and thoughts from back then aren't that different from my life and thoughts now,” So Hee told SPOTVNEWS. “While working, don't we normally develop limitations on life?” she continued, in response to fans who thought it was unnecessary for her to get her tattoos erased in order to pursue acting.

The actress also added that she’s grateful for fans who showed her pre-debut pics some love amid the pushback she received. “My current self is complete. It's also funny that it's being described as my past. Those pictures are only from about three to four years ago. I'm okay. I think my female fans even really liked that version of me. I'm thankful for it."

Nevertheless is still ongoing and you can catch it exclusively on Netflix!

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