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10 Skincare Products We Spotted on K-Drama Actresses

Discover their glass skin secrets!
While watching Korean dramas and fiilms, do you find yourself wondering how the actresses have such immaculate-looking skin? Well, you aren't alone. There must be more to it than genetics, right? Hence, we did some digging.Ahead, we rounded up a total of

10 Things You Need to Know About "The Penthouse" Actress Eugene

Did you know? She nearly turned down her iconic role in the series.
If you’re a fan of thrilling and suspenseful K-Dramas, then chances are you’ve already heard of the buzz-worthy series The Penthouse: War in Life. You might have even caught wind of the show’s breakout star, Eugene. Although she’s now most recognizable for

Bae Suzy's "Perfect Shadow" Returns at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards

Her fans are saying her shadow alone looks like a Disney princess!
It's been more than a year since a photo of Start-Up star Bae Suzy went viral online for having a "perfect shadow". And yet, it looks like the light still very much loves her, because the iconic shadow has made its comeback

All of Bae Suzy's Red Carpet Outfits from Baeksang Arts Awards Over the Years

Did you know that Suzy has been hosting the prestigious awards show for six consecutive years already?
In case you didn't know, the Baeksang Arts Awards is essentially South Korea's Oscars that annually honors that best of the best in the film, TV, and entertainment industry. That said, actors and actresses grace the event to see who among their

15 K-Drama Actresses Who Are Also Proud Moms

From Kim Tae Hee to Jun Ji Hyun and more.
Considering how much they keep their personal lives private, sometimes we forget that some of our favorite female Korean celebs aren’t just talented actresses, but are already devoted mothers as well. With Mother's Day right around the corner, it’s time we recognize

10 Must-Have Designer Bags You Need to Dress Like a K-Drama Leading Lady

Consider this your definitive guide.
Here's something we noticed. It doesn't matter how rich a K-drama leading lady is supposed to be. Her character will always—always—be spotted with at least one luxury tote. Case in point: Secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min Young) is her family's sole breadwinner and lives

All of Jeon Yeo Bin’s Office-Friendly Designer Bags in “Vincenzo”

Jeon Yeo Bin's collection of timeless designer bags will convince you to invest in one, too!
If you’ve been up to date on recent K-dramas, then you’ll know that Vincenzo has recently come to an end. We'll surely miss partners-in-crime consigliere Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) and feisty lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) whose adventures have oftentimes kept

K-Drama Actresses Can't Get Enough of This Effortless IG Pose

The cup-face pose is a classic for a reason!
If we were to put together a starter pack for the IG feed of a K-drama actress, here's exactly what we'd include: a soft, velvety apricot color scheme; minimalist outfits, (with a LOT of neutral sweaters and coats) and; lastly, the ever-adorable

10 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Shin Min Ah

Here's where you can watch more of this talented actress.
We’re undeniably ecstatic for Shin Min Ah’s upcoming  tvN romantic comedy with Kim Seon Ho. Heck, we’ve already rounded up 10 fun facts any curious viewer should know about the model-turned-actress. Then again, if you’ve already familiarized yourself with all things Min Ah, the

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Seo Ye Ji

Did you know she's also an honorary police officer?
Anyone who’s so much as dipped their toes in the world of K-drama most likely knows who Seo Ye Ji is. After being catapulted into global fame and subsequently turning into a fashion icon thanks to her portrayal of the stylish Ko

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Shin Min Ah

Remember her from "My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho"?
Ever since her modeling debut in 1998, Shin Min Ah has gone nowhere but up. From gracing the pages of famed magazines and becoming the face of high-end luxury brands, to climbing to the top of the acting world as a versatile

10 K-Drama Stars Who Are Fluent in Another Language

From English to Mandarin to German!
Did you know that some of your favorite South Korean actors and actresses actually speak more than one language? While Korean might be their mother tongue, these K-drama stars can speak two or more languages as a result of either living in