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10 K-Dramas To Watch If You Love Korean Actor Jung Hae In

He's definitely a versatile actor.
As one of Korea's highest paid brand endorsers, Jung Hae In is no stranger to the spotlight, and while he did debut relatively late, that’s the last thing you would think of when you catch him on screen. In just a few years,

10 Things You Need to Know About "Squid Game" Star Wi Ha Joon

We can't wait to see him star in more dramas soon!
Korean Actor Wi Ha Joon made huge waves upon the global success of his Netflix series Squid Game, where he portrayed the role of a police officer named Hwang Jun-ho. Though he might be a familiar face to others, having been cast

How Rich Is Korean Actress Park Shin Hye?

She gifted her parents with two restaurants!
Park Shin Hye grew up before our eyes and we're kinda sentimental right now that she's about to become a mom. She has been in the industry for almost two decades and aside from being proud of her career milestones, we're happy

16 Korean Celebrities Who've Vacationed in the Philippines

Some of them even went to the country as a "prize" for wrapping up their K-dramas.
Korean stars have demonstrated their love for the Philippines time and again. In fact, some of them even lived here for awhile! Of course, when they’re not in the country to study English or meet fans through official engagements, our favorite K-celebs

10 Things You Need to Know About Korean Actress Park Shin Hye

You might've seen her in one or two Bench ads.
Park Shin Hye's caliber as a performer is a rare one to come by. Being in the industry for almost two decades now, her acting chops, coupled with her charming looks, make her one of the most lovable faces on our screens—and

It's Confirmed: Park Shin Hye Is Pregnant and Getting Married!

She's tying the knot with fiancé and fellow actor Choi Tae Joon!
This just in: Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon just announced their marriage plans! But that’s not all, apart from tying the knot, they’re expecting a baby soon, too!The couple of four years broke the news via their respective agencies, SALT

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Star Song Hye Kyo

She's a trained figure skater!
Song Hye Kyo needs no introduction. Beloved for her ageless beauty and her swoon-worthy romance dramas, the Hallyu star’s name, alongside that of a few others, is practically synonymous with the Korean Wave. That said, as the Hallyu craze continues to sweep

The Most Extravagant Gifts That Korean Actors Have Given Their Parents

They've gifted everything from houses, restaurants, to coffee shops!
Just like other celebrities, Korean actors also go through a lot before they become popular in the industry. Some of them started acting at a young age while others had to audition more than a hundred times. So once they achieve their

10 K-Dramas and Movies Starring Hallyu Actress Jun Ji Hyun

She's acted in a number of Western films.
One of the most popular actresses of her generation, Jun Ji Hyun is a certified household name known to any K-drama fan even outside of Korea. While she’s been blazing her own trail since the late 90s, her fame continues to burn

6 K-Drama Actresses You Didn't Know Were Also Beauty Queens

Some of them are now sought-after leading ladies.
Pageant queens have long been admired for their timeless beauty and grace under pressure, it’s no wonder so many of them seamlessly transition into acting after hanging up their gowns and sashes. In fact, a few of them acclimate into the industry

Squid Game Season 2 Is in the "Planning Process", According to Creator

Netflix says the sequel is already in discussions.
With how much of a global phenomenon Squid Game turned out to be, it’s almost criminal not to give the show a second season. Besides, we’re sure millions of viewers still want an explanation for the Netflix K-drama’s bizarre ending. Luckily, the

10 K-Dramas and Movies to Watch if You Love Hallyu Star Yoo Ah In

He plays a religious cult leader in Netflix's "Hellbound".
Hallyu star Yoo Ah In’s versatility is an impressive thing to experience. The actor knows drama like the back of his hand, having done it all, from a troubled teen, to a piano prodigy in a salacious affair, and, most recently, a

8 of the Most Controversial K-Dramas of 2021

One of them was permanently canceled after airing two episodes.
With only two months left, it's safe to conclude that 2021 has been a great year for K-dramas. A lot of titles—from healing series to psychological thrillers—achieved high viewership ratings and broke records across the world. But despite their popularity, some of

8 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Korean Actor Lee Do Hyun

Get your daily dose of Lee Do Hyun right this way.
Who doesn’t love watching Lee Do Hyun? A total charmer with lauded talent to match, this rising actor is well on his way to becoming an in-demand leading man, if his current trajectory is any indication. No matter how big or small