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10 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Shin Min Ah

Here's where you can watch more of this talented actress.
We’re undeniably ecstatic for Shin Min Ah’s upcoming  tvN romantic comedy with Kim Seon Ho. Heck, we’ve already rounded up 10 fun facts any curious viewer should know about the model-turned-actress. Then again, if you’ve already familiarized yourself with all things Min Ah, the

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Seo Ye Ji

Did you know she's also an honorary police officer?
Anyone who’s so much as dipped their toes in the world of K-drama most likely knows who Seo Ye Ji is. After being catapulted into global fame and subsequently turning into a fashion icon thanks to her portrayal of the stylish Ko

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Shin Min Ah

Remember her from "My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho"?
Ever since her modeling debut in 1998, Shin Min Ah has gone nowhere but up. From gracing the pages of famed magazines and becoming the face of high-end luxury brands, to climbing to the top of the acting world as a versatile

10 K-Drama Stars Who Are Fluent in Another Language

From English to Mandarin to German!
Did you know that some of your favorite South Korean actors and actresses actually speak more than one language? While Korean might be their mother tongue, these K-drama stars can speak two or more languages as a result of either living in

6 Romantic Korean Movies That Will Make You Believe in Love

You can stream them on Netflix and Viu.
When I want a romantic watch to make me feel giddy, I usually turn to K-dramas and movies: Some of them are cute, relatable, and just overall heartwarming. These days, I have been binge-watching a number of romantic Korean movies and I

Did You Know? Ku Hye Sun Says She's Still Living Off Her Savings from "Boys Over Flowers"

It's been 12 years since "Boys Over Flowers," so imagine how huge her paycheck must have been!
K-drama fan or not, we’re sure you’ve at least heard about Boys Over Flowers. After all, the 2009 romance drama became a worldwide sensation, which soon enough catapulted its cast—particularly Lee Min Ho—to international stardom. Having garnered the type of global success

10 K-Dramas About Success Stories That Will Inspire You to Dream Big

These dramas will motivate you to chase after your seemingly impossible dreams.
Perhaps the most beloved prevailing theme in any K-drama is the one where the main character shoots for their dreams. Protagonists like Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) or Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon) share something in common: They started from nothing. They pursued their