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Here's How You Can Boost Your Immune System at Home

Stay safe and healthy indoors!
Here's How You Can Boost Your Immune System at Home
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Stay safe and healthy indoors!

Right now, social distancing is everyone's best bet for preventing COVID-19 infection. But while you're at it, why not take steps to boost your immune system, too? Not only will you feel more secure while staying at home, incorporating healthier habits will also grant you more perks in the long run. Keep scrolling for some easy, fuss-free methods!

1. Add more plant-based food to your meals.

A healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins and antioxidants is the most natural yet gradual way to boost your immune system. Incorporate more plant-based food like fruits (vitamin C-rich citruses, for example) and vegetables (leafy greens) to start, or cook with known anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger and turmeric.


2. Drink immune system-boosting juices.

Not a fan of eating veggies? Maybe try drinking them instead! You can make your own produce-filled green juices at home or purchase pre-made healthy blends from brands like Juju Eats and Pure Nectar and have them delivered straight to your door.

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3. Take vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C supplements won't necessarily help in fully preventing symptoms of the virus, neither would it exempt you from contracting COVID-19. However, it could help alleviate its symptoms like a cold.

Though tempting, avoid oversupplementing with the vitamin. The highest (and safe) daily dose of vitamin C one can take is 2000mg a day, according to Harvard Medical School.

4. Exercise moderately.

Your daily workouts shouldn't have to stop while you're at home. Besides, staying active is beneficial to your health in general, so you won't just be beating boredom! But in case you need another incentive, exercising actually boosts your white blood cell count—just try to avoid working out too much.

While you're staying home, opt to follow online workout tutorials and live classes from local gyms and studios like YogaPlus, Plana Forma, Beyond Yoga, OneLife Studio, and more!


5. Manage your stress levels.

You probably already know that when we're stressed, our hormones go haywire. Not only will it trigger breakouts, the chemical reactions are also said to decrease antibody levels, making you more prone to illness as a result. So if you're stressed from work or feeling anxious about the pandemic, try to take a brief step back from it all. Take a time out from social media, find a good support system, and most importantly, rest!

6. Sleep enough.

Speaking of resting, lack of sleep also weakens your immune system. Catch up on those Zs whenever you can, be it going for a full eight hours or just sleeping until you feel well-rested. A study has also shown that having a deep sleep helps manage anxiety, so you're hitting two birds with one stone with a healthy sleep schedule.


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