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5 Local Celebs Who Prove That Eating Better Will Make You Happier and Healthier

This is your sign to stop being so hard on yourself.
5 Local Celebs Who Prove That Eating Better Will Make You Happier and Healthier
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/beaalonzo, meganbata
This is your sign to stop being so hard on yourself.

We’ve all heard those unsolicited “uy, namamayat ka na” or “lumaki na katawan mo” comments, haven’t we? Whether or not it was directed at us, these words have wired our brain to associate the way we think our bodies should be shaped with how others mainly see us. As a result, we link looking good with attaining what society perceives as the “perfect” (emphasis on the quotation marks) body type, leading many of us to go through certain lengths to achieve this “ideal” shape, including experimenting with fad diets, to eating almost nothing in a day.

But here’s the thing: Forcefully cutting food out of your lifestyle is never the right way to go, nor is it healthy for you in the long run either. Just take it from these local celebs:

1. Bea Alonzo

Bea believes that taking care of yourself isn’t only about looking good, but feeling good as well. In her workout vlog, she said that you need to do five things in order to look and feel your best: eat healthy, get the right amount of sleep, drink lots of water, pamper yourself, and exercise. “Weight loss should be a product of you taking care of your wellness and your well-being,” she told her viewers after sharing her old diet, which only consisted of bananas and eggs. “I wouldn’t recommend it because, after all, kailangan mo pa rin alagaan ‘yung katawan mo.”

2. Saab Magalona

In this 32-year-old supermom’s blog, Saab shared how her journey to wellness involves actively playing with her two sons, becoming mindful of her eating habits, and finding a workout routine that she enjoys.


“This is the most fit I’ve been and it wasn’t because I was trying to lose weight or trying to look good,” Saab shared in an interview with Preview, where she also talked about body-shaming and her mom-bod. “I’m doing it so I can be strong for my kids.” To this talented actress and singer, her toned body is just another result born from working hard so she can be strong for her kids.

3. Megan Young

Last April, the 31-year-old beauty queen openly shared to her followers that she no longer looks to have the “perfect body,” and aims for a healthier one instead. In one of her Instagram posts, she says, “I’m listening to my body more and resting when I need to. And at the end of the day, I try not to be too hard on myself.” Megan stopped forcing herself to eat bland meals, and started to have a change in her mindset. From focusing solely on how her body would look, she has finally come to realize how important it is to treat herself with food that will make her happy.

Read more about her diet journey here.

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4. Angel Locsin

Angel is known for her outspoken personality and her many advocacies, with one of them being self-love. She stood strong and served as an inspiration for many against comments from body-shamers after her photos went viral on social media in June and October 2020.

Despite her busy schedule packed with work, fundraising activities, and other personal errands, Angel still finds a way to make sure that she gives her body what it needs with her new low-calorie diet. “Yes, mukha siyang konti because I’m on an 800-calorie diet. And according to my nutritionist, ‘yon yung kailangan ko to achieve my goal,” she shared after posting her balanced meal of potatoes and pork.

PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/therealangellocsin

5. Julia Barretto

Keeping a good balance of everything is the secret to staying fit, even without going to the gym, for this 24-year-old actress. “If today I wanna binge-eat, tomorrow, make sure you watch what you eat…” Julia said in an interview. “It’s just the balance at the end of the day.”


But when she does have the chance to workout, she makes sure to focus on her core. Julia considers her ab workout an important part of her lifestyle by making sure that she accomplishes it at least thrice a week.

To sum it all up, staying fit and looking good isn’t entirely about lessening your food intake. It’s also about having the discipline to be mindful with what you eat, how you move, and when to take breaks. Remember to keep a healthy balance between what your body wants and what it needs, and don’t be afraid to spoil yourself from time to time. Indulge yourself in the pint of ice cream or slice of pizza you’ve been craving for weeks. After all, looking good is very much related to feeling good.

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