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Here's Where Celebrity Moms Are Vacationing with Their Families This Summer

Take note of these spots for your next getaway!
With travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic gradually easing, celebrity parents are getting the opportunity to travel to their favorite summer destinations, and this time with their kids in tow!We spotted the families of Rica Peralejo, Isabelle Daza, Iya Villania, and more

10 Pretty in Pink OOTDs We're Loving from Local Celebrities

It's such a gorgeous color!
On October 7, Vice President Leni Robredo formally announced her presidential bid for the 2022 elections. She filed her certificate of candidacy wearing her new signature colors, pink and blue, symbolizing her run as an independent candidate. Shortly after, social media was

Saab Magalona Shuts Down Body Shamers and Reveals She Gets Fit For Her Kids

"I hope more women realize that [body shaming] comments are more of a reflection of the commenters rather their own bodies."
Young mom Saab Magalona knows the pressures of looking good after giving birth. Being a celebrity puts her under the microscope of the public eye and she's experienced how nitpicky and mean netizens can be. That said, she's no stranger to being

Saab Magalona Reveals Why She Isn't Attending Maxene's Wedding

No one can stop sisterly love.
Today, Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil are finally tying the knot at a beautiful beach wedding in Boracay. The couple welcomed their guests yesterday in a Coachella-themed dinner party with all their closest friends and family flying in for the occasion.However, there

3 Hair Colors to Try If You Prefer Lighter Hair

Go for it!
Going blonde is like getting another full-time job. The maintenance that goes into it is off the charts, which is why only the bravest of the brave can pull it off. Fortunately, it's not the only fun color out there; you can

Coleen Garcia Got Inked and This is What it Means

Plus, more cool tatts and their stories from the fashion folk.
Tattoos make for a great conversation piece as the stories behind the ink on one’s skin can reveal a lot about a person. Perhaps this is why those who choose to get inked think hard and long of what image they want. 

10 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

Let the stars show you how it’s done.
Whether you’re planning to travel in style or simply trying to add an edgy punch to your everyday OOTD, a leather jacket can certainly do the trick. Take cues from the stars on the different ways to wear one.(via @sarahlahbati)Sarah Lahbati brought

How the Celebs Are Wearing Their Adidas Superstars

The white sneaker craze continues.
Another classic white sneaker that’s taking the fashion world by storm is none other than the adidas Superstar. Manufactured by the sportswear label since 1969, the shoe that was originally designed for basketball has since achieved an influential status as a street

10 Local Celebs and Their Tattoos

These stars are rocking their tatts.
Planning on getting inked and currently on the lookout for some inspo? Well, we’ve already shared with you a list of Hollywood stars and their signature tattoos, but if that’s not enough, then perhaps these local celebs will do the trick.Solenn Heussaff(@solennheussaff)This

Saab Magalona-Bacarro’s Paris Travel Diary

She went on another honeymoon with her husband Jim!
Other than giving us major #relationshipgoals, Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona never fail to provide us with travel envy whenever they take on a new adventure. Just recently, we spotted the couple touring around Europe and we just can’t help but ogle

10 Things We've Learned From Celebs Who Can Pull Off the Red Pout

It looks good even on morenas.
Red lipstick can be quite intimidating. It normally takes some level of confidence for a woman to be able to step out of the room wearing crimson-painted puckers. But ladies, this shouldn’t be the case! Here, we list down several local celebs

7 Celebs And Their Favorite Pastimes

Find out what these stars are up to during their free time.
When they’re not in taping or attending red carpet events, even A-listers spend their free time doing things normal people like us would do. Below, we round up some of our favorite celebs and the hobbies they’re into. Plus, tips on how

10 Celebs Who Can Pull Off Dark Lipstick

Confidence is key.
A tube of plum lipstick may seem intimidating, but when worn with the right attitude, it can be the cherry on top of your fierce-looking OOTD. Below, score beauty tips from the stars on how to pull off that dark, sexy pout.1.

What Artistas Wear to the Airport

It's the first step to traveling in style.
We can always count on these local celebrities to serve as our instant style pegs when it comes to double-tap worthy travel #OOTDs. But even before reaching their final destination, they already manage to score an A+ in our books. Their first

5 Celebs Who Looked Dainty in White This Week

Kathryn Bernardo, Sofia Andres and more.
Below, see who made it to our weekly Top Celebrity #OOTDs.KATHRYN BERNARDOThe Teen Queen's off-duty look is fairly easy to cop. Wear your crisp white shirt as a dress and pair it with comfy slip-on sneakers in leopard print. Instant double-tap!SAAB MAGALONAYou

The Millennial's Uniform

Only a few 'basic' props.
Baby boomers and gen-xers all had a look. But do millennials?When theater group The Sandbox Collective produced the poster for their monologue series "by, for, and about millennials," NO FILTER, they had to represent different archetypes using only a few 'basic' props: Saab's Instax