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Here's How Seo Ji-Hye of "Crash Landing on You" Does Her Everyday Makeup

Get dolled up like Seo Dan IRL!
Here's How Seo Ji-Hye of "Crash Landing on You" Does Her Everyday Makeup
Get dolled up like Seo Dan IRL!

Seo Ji-hye might play the chaebol heir Seo Dan on Crash Landing on You, but her beauty secrets are definitely fit for us average folk. The Korean actress' daily makeup routine, for example, is loaded with practical beauty tricks that make such a huge difference. Keep scrolling to cop her techniques!

Everyday Makeup Tips from Seo Ji-Hye

1. Start with a face massage.

Before putting any makeup on, the actress pats on some face oil and does a depuffing face massage. She presses her fingers above her eyes, on her chin, on the edges of her jaw, and under the cheekbones to address swelling in the said areas.

2. Use a minimal amount of foundation.

To quickly even out her skin tone, Ji-hye uses a high-coverage cushion compact. That said, she says she only dips her puff into it once and maximizes that amount to cover her entire face. This helps her avoid that mask-like look while giving her ample coverage.


3. Mix your brow products to get the perfect shade.

The actress makes sure to match her brows to her hair color, and to do so, she fills them in with two brow pencils in different shades—specifically gray and light brown.

4. Softly define your eyes with eyeshadow instead of eyeliner.

Ji-hye doesn't use a ton of eyeshadow nor eyeliner for her daily look. Instead, she combines beige and peach-colored eyeshadows to softly add definition to her eyelids while giving it a slight flush of color.

5. Wipe your mascara wand onto a tissue.

Ji-hye swears by this classic trick to get rid of excess product on her mascara wand. She explains that this helps her achieve a more natural curl since it doesn't transfer too much onto her lashes!

6. Know where to exactly place your blush.

Ji-hye has a pretty precise blush technique. First, she faces the mirror and smiles, which reveals the fleshiest part of her cheeks—this is where she puts most of her blush. After that, she uses her pupil as a guide to see where her blush should start, and then taps the color outwards from that point.

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7. Use a moisturizing tint for comfortable wear.

The actress loves using a lip tint for her daily looks. That said, she prefers moisturizing oil tints that make her pout feel soft, like she just applied some lip balm. She likes to swipe on the tint on the inner part of her lips first, and then pat the edges lightly with her finger to achieve a natural, diffused look.

Watch Seo Ji-Hye's full everyday makeup routine below!

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