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How to Cheat the After-Six Diet

This makes it totally doable.
How to Cheat the After-Six Diet This makes it totally doable.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the after-six diet. The fasting fad that was first popularized back in the ‘90s allows a person to eat up to three full meals throughout the day as long as you’re done with supper before 6pm. The rationale behind it is that we burn less at night so it’s better to consume more during the day when you are more likely to burn the calories as you’re up walking, working, and running errands. It sounds quite easy, but we’re sure for those of you who have given the diet a shot, it’s not.


With dinner dates, reunions, parties, and working overtime, it’s almost close to impossible to consume your last meal way before your bedtime. But we have good news! What if we told you that we found a doctor-approved way to cheat it? Dr. Stanley Chua, Health Optimization Medicine Consultant at the BioBalance Institute, shared with us that he himself practices the after-six diet. “You just need a total of 12 hours of fasting to allow your body to reset,” he says. This means that even if you take your last meal at 8:30pm, as long as you do not eat anything before 8:30am the following day, you will get the same benefits of the “after-six diet.”

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It’s a type of Intermittent Fasting diet, (in fact it’s the easiest one since there are others who take their fasting up to 36 hours) which basically aims to achieve weight loss, improved body composition, and overall wellness through fasting. We all fast while we sleep and this plan simply requires one to extend the period up to a certain number of hours depending on your lifestyle and goals. Note that water, black coffee, and calorie-free drinks are allowed while you fast, but if there’s no reason for you to stay up, we suggest sticking to water to keep you hydrated and so you don't skimp on sleep. Besides, every Sleeping Beauty needs a good amount of zzzs.

Now that sounds totally doable, right? Just make sure that you start your count after your last bite and not at the time you begin eating your meal. That's a crucial factor.


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