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The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces with Full Cheeks, According to a Hairstylist

The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces with Full Cheeks, According to a Hairstylist
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It's all about framing!

Your face shape is only one of the many factors that come to play when choosing a new look. You can pull off any hairstyle you want if it feels right for you, so don't feel limited by your features! Celebrity hairstylist Alex Carbonell echoes this sentiment, suggesting that you base your 'do on things like your personal style, lifestyle, and what you feel confident in to find your perfect match.

Keeping all of that in mind, your tresses can definitely be one of your best tools for achieving your ideal look. Some haircuts and hair colors can enhance what you already have, like a full face of makeup that you can't take off.

For those of you who have a round face or prominent cheeks, you might be concerned about highlighting the sharp angles of your face that get lost amidst all the flesh. Again, any hairstyle can do this for you especially with a some help from a pro! But if you need ideas, we asked the creative director of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell for his recommendations, plus the points you should consider for your next chop and dye:


1. Face-Framing Layers

"Round-shaped faces look good with face-framing layers. These layers cover up some of the cheeks or a double-chin," explains Alex. He recommends keeping these layers feathered or wispy, so they can provide an illusion of length and narrowness to your face shape in a subtle way.

A popular take on face-framing layers you can try are curtain bangs, which is basically a long fringe that'll help you mimic the vibe of an oval-shaped face. It'll do the job if you're not up for having a lot of layers!

2. Side Bangs

Round faces can pull off any type of fringe, but for a foolproof option, the hairstylist thinks side bangs are the way to go. "Side swept bangs 'cut' the roundness of the face," he says, giving the look of a longer face by keeping a portion of your cheeks away from view.

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3. Blunt Square Bob

Want a short 'do? Alex suggests a blunt, square-shaped bob to give a flattering contrast to your mug's soft edges. The fact that it's chic is a great bonus, so you can't really go wrong with it!

Speaking of bob cuts, try to avoid round bobs if you want to offset your full cheeks, since these tend to emphasize the roundness of the face. It could even make it appear wider, especially when cut at the wrong length.

4. Asymmetrical Blunt Cut 

If you're adamant about getting some sort of a round bob, meet yourself halfway by getting an asymmetrical bob. The shape it'll create will frame your face, and like side bangs, will "cut" the roundness of your mug and give you a more angular look that accentuates your jawline. Not to mention that it's such a fun way to sport short hair!

5. Pixie Cut

Making a pixie cut work its magic with a round face or full cheeks depends on the way that it's cut. According to Alex, maintaining long bangs with a pixie will help frame your face despite the super short length. Asking your hairdresser to add lots of texture on top of your head will add height to the look, too, and make the style more flattering overall.


6. Short Bangs

There's no need to shy away from short fringes when you have a wide mug. Because as bold as the look is, you can compensate for it by cutting your locks at the right length. With something like micro bangs, for example, the hairstylist says that your hair shouldn't be any higher than the jawline. This way, your ends an offset the face area that your bangs are letting show through.

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7. Face-Framing Lowlights

Some hair colors can act like a non-washable face contour with the way they can create illusions. Face-framing lowlights, for example, are recommended by Alex to make a round face appear narrower especially when combine with the haircuts above. Meanwhile, light-colored highlights tend to have an opposite effect and widen your mug even more.

8. Dark hair colors

Alex shares that he prefers rich colors over platinum blonde, which reflects when creating illusions to frame a face with full cheeks. Because similar to lowlights, deep colors deliver a subtle contouring effect. So if you've been mulling over going darker or lighter, that's a pro tip for you. For more dimension, go for a dark hue with some lowlights or a balayage hair color!

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