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The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape, According to a Hairstylist

Can't decide on a haircut?
The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape, According to a Hairstylist
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Can't decide on a haircut?

Whether a haircut will suit you depends on a ton of factors, and it's in your best interest to consider as many of them as possible. Your hair texture, for one, affects how your locks will look when your new cut is left unstyled. Whether you have specific features you want to accentuate or hide (like a wide forehead and a strong jawline) is also important, because your hair should address those specifically. This is why haircuts don't look the same on everyone—bangs would look different on someone with a small face than someone with a long one, for example.

We know it sounds like a lot, so it's definitely better to take it one step at a time. We suggest starting off by learning what works well with the shape of your face, because that alone already tells you what you need your haircut to do and what you want to avoid. You'd want to consult a professional for this, but lucky for you, we have that covered. Below, pro haircutter Jude Hipolito, one-half of JuRo Salon Exclusif, shares his tips on finding out the most flattering haircuts for specific face shapes. He also spilled some of his favorite hairstyles, so keep scrolling to learn more!


Best Haircuts for Round Faces

Round faces are full with hardly any harsh edges, and are usually characterized by wide cheeks and a rounded chin. "When dealing with round face shapes, the first thing you want to do is elongate the roundness—make it more oval," says Jude. "You can increase the volume at the crown area and even at the back to lift—something that lifts the shape and boosts it upwards."

1. Asymmetrical bob

Unlike heart and square-shaped faces, round ones don't have sharp angles that add dimension to it. An asymmetrical bob can address this—if you're open to a shorter 'do, that is! Jude explains, "It wraps around the face and tones down the roundness with a strong angle."

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2. Long and mid-length hair with layers

According to Jude, haircuts that add volume to the upper half of the face using layers can give a round face a lifting and elongating effect. He says you can go for either long hair or mid-length hair but make sure to go for long, fluid layers and avoid anything too choppy and blunt. "Any [cut that] adds softness," he says.


3. Side-swept bangs

Again, the goal with a round mug is to make it appear longer. And if you want a fringe, Jude recommends opting for a look that'll frame your face—"You don't want blunt bangs that'll shorten the face shape. A side-swept fringe will be good." You can do a one-sided fringe or long, curtain-like bangs if you prefer styling your hair with a mid-part.

Best Haircuts for Square Faces

Those with square-shaped faces tend to have more volume by the jaw and sharp edges that you can frame properly with your hair. For a softer look, Jude says to avoid sharp haircuts like chin-length square bobs that look redundant against your mug. Instead, he recommends looks with rounded edges. Read on to see his picks for an angular face:


1. A-line bob

A short chop that's shorter at the back and longer in front (think a mullet skirt, but reverse and it's hair) will work with the shape of your jaw and give the illusion of a rounder shape while elongating your mug.

2. Rounded haircuts

Again, to offset the wideness of your face and soften the edges of your jawline, request for a haircut that allows your ends to softly round out. You can achieve this with a blowdryer and a roller brush, too!


3. Side-swept bangs

Similar to round faces, stay away from fringes that could shorten your face. Hence, side bangs are also your best bet for making a square mug look longer and less wide at the same time.

Best Haircuts for Heart Faces

If the priority for square and round faces is elongating its shape, this face shape requires quite the opposite. "A heart-shaped face has very high cheekbones and a very fine chin, so you want heaviness [at the bottom] to offset the fineness of the chin," Jude tells us. Here are two hairstyles that can help you do just that:


1. One-length bob or lob

A blunt cut, depending on your hair texture, will add the needed weight to your hair to reduce the appearance of a pointy chin. This can either be a shoulder-length chop or a bob that ends by your jaw. Jude thinks this look creates the illusion of fullness to even out a tapered chin.

2. Micro-bangs

A wide forehead can also be a concern for those with a heart-shaped face. This is where bangs come in handy, and Jude mentions blunt micro-bangs as a chic option that's both functional and flattering. It'll cover some forehead space and provide a striking contrast with the sharpness of your chin so it's not the only thing that'll catch people's eyes.


Best Haircuts for Long/Oval Faces

Although oval-shaped faces are considered the most versatile of all when it comes to hair, it can look too elongated when paired with the wrong cut. Hence, you should consider a look that will balance out the length of your mug. Check out Jude's recommendations below for ideas:

1. Long bangs

To trim some length off a long face, bangs are your best friend. "You can have those brow- or eyelash-length bangs that minimizes the shape of the head," Jude says. Whether you want your fringe blunt or wispy is up to you, but the longer, the more effective.


2. Short hair

"You don't want to match a long face with long hair," stressfes the hairdresser. In fact, he thinks that the shorter your hair is, the more flattering it will look with your face shape. Mid-length haircuts like ones that end at the collarbone and a chop above the chin are ones to consider because these can make the face look more proportioned. If you're thinking of going pixie-short, however, consider adding some bangs to the mix.

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