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The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces, According to a Hairstylist

The Best Hairstyles for Round Faces, According to a Hairstylist
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Not being allowed to wear your hair short is just a myth.

For the longest time, there have been plenty of struggles for an ample-cheeked girl: Where to place your blush? How to do your brows so they frame your face right? What haircut balances out your face shape? How to look like your actual age (which isn't 12 years old)? Well, fret not, Preview girls!

First of all, that little extra volume on your face actually gives you a youthful look. Second, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a little more cheek. You're a total cutie! And third, it's 2019—there are millions of beauty solutions and hacks out there that won't change your look but enhance them by working around your features. Okay, fine, maybe not millions, but a lot. Here, we put together seven of them—all with the guidance of Aveda stylist and colorist, Fendi-Dudi Rohana.

Before anything else, though, make sure this is indeed your face shape. You're round-faced if your mug is the same length and width, or if your forehead and jaw are equal in width. Round faces have no angles and the perfect circular face is wide and round at the hairline!

Beyond the cut, consider your dye job as well. It's the basic context of light and shadow—a natural contour, especially combined with the right kind of haircut. "Colors will make a huge effect on a round face," Fendi says. "My recommendation: balayaged with different shades. Light and dark tones is a perfect combination. The high contrast draws in and slims the lower part of the face." Ready to pick a haircut? Keep reading!


1. Choppy blunt lob in waves

If you’re going for a cut, go for a blunt one—the sharp, choppy angle is a great contrast to the curves of your face. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Angelica Panganiban have both worked this haircut, and to their advantage, too. Because this goes past the chin, it allows you a bit of fun when it comes to styling, and it looks best when worn in cool-girl waves.

Make waves with it using a flat iron versus a curler: Start by sectioning off your tresses with clips, and taking an inch-wide section of your hair to be pinched between the iron’s tongs. In an up-out-and-down pulling motion, twist the section of your hair with the iron while sliding it through to the ends of your hair in one smooth move. Leave the ends uncurled for a laid-back look and do the same with the rest of your hair. 

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2. Side-parted bob with bangs

Round-faced girls are usually told not to cut their mane short because they'll look too young, but if it goes with your style, then why not? This short length allows your neck to be revealed and the side bangs can veil a part of your face, too, if you fear the "moon face." With a side fringe framing your face, you have the liberty to choose between a blunt cut or to go with soft, natural layers for a youthful style. Fendi says, "This haircut amazingly has slimming quality. Perfect for round face! Styled with curling products, [you get a] natural look."

3. Pixie cut

It may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out—volume on top of your head, when done right, will lengthen the face shape. Plus, it's a cut that shows off your neck and your jawline—believe us, it's somewhere there. Thinking of going extra, literally? Go crazy with your short hair and style it in a fauxhawk—that gives you way more length above the head. With short hair, all it takes is some gel! Fendi says, “From my experience, the best haircuts for round face [are those] that add height and give elongating effect on the face; the faux hawk is the answer for the edgy look for the girls willing to go short.”


4. Long layered waves

Work those lengths—a long and sleek haircut gives your look some mystery while going for something volumized and layered will give you a bombshell vibe. Sleek hair can be kept down to slim the sides, or slicked back for a chic look. For volume, think Gigi Hadid and her long layers. When your layers start just past the chin, it shapes a round face better. Whether you have sleek, single-length hair or big layered waves, an extra boost of volume adds instant va-va-voom effect. Work with products such as thickening shampoos, dry shampoos, texturizing paste (usually applied at the roots), or even hair extensions for additional thickness.

5. Center part

An easy styling move that requires neither product nor splurging on fancy treatments, the center part is actually a power hairstyling move. It gives the illusion of an elongated face when the part is moved to the middle, while the rest of your hair down the sides of your face tapers the shape even more. Make it work harder by ironing your hair sleek so your smooth tresses "contour" your face. 

6. Angled bob

Less early 2000s Rihanna and more Emma Stone red carpet, we love a piecey, angled bob for the many ways it can "contour" a face even without the power of makeup. The longest part should be just sweeping the chin so it slims down the sides of the face; meanwhile, it's slightly shorter in the back so it can reveal a longer neck. Cut in a relaxed, sort of choppy way, this angled bob is a chic, relaxed look that contours the lower part of the face and neck.

7. Long tapered bangs

If you have a round face and a wide forehead area, you could maybe use some bangs. Don’t be afraid of sporting full bangs with a round face: The secret is in keeping them wispy, long, and piecey instead of a thick, solid fringe. If Selena Gomez was able to do it—she paired it with long, thick layers framing her face, FYI—then you can do it, too.


Pro tip: Do not do this at home. We've seen way too many DIY bang mishaps to tell you to do it yourself. Another pro tip: This style is fun because you can play around with it a lot—you can sweep it to the side, part it down the middle, or add some texturizer to keep it choppy and separated. Cute, romantic, and chic!

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