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The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape, According to a Korean Hairstylist

Bet you never considered these styles before!
The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape, According to a Korean Hairstylist
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Bet you never considered these styles before!

So, you've decided you want bangs. The question now is: What kind should you get? Should you go for a blunt chop or should you go the K-drama lead actress route and get a light, wispy fringe? Either way, the choice is up to you. That said, we do recommend taking your face shape into consideration to narrow down your options. If you need ideas, here are some tips from Cha Hong, a celebrity hairdresser who owns the Korean beauty salon chain Chahong Ardor:

The Best Type of Bangs for Every Face Shape

1. Round face

With round faces, the goal is to slightly elongate the face and make it appear more angular. Cha Hong's first recommendation are "inner bangs," which are short, baby hair-like bangs that fall softly over the forehead and gives the face a chic feel. But according to her, the most perfect type of fringe for this face shape are side bangs. "If you cover the area of your face with side bangs, your face may look relatively longer and slimmer," she explains.

2. Rectangular face

Rectangular face shapes are those that are wider on the forehead and cheek areas, so when adding a fringe, it should add balance to the face and give it a more three-dimensional effect that offsets these wide areas. Hence, Cha Hong's picks include see-through bangs (or wispy bangs, as they're commonly called outside Korea) and curtain bangs.


3. Angular face

Angular faces have prominent chin and cheekbones, and bangs are usually used to soften these or just to frame them a little bit better. To achieve this effect, try a face line cut, which Cha Hong describes as "a style which you cut the bangs, sides, and the hairs along the line of the ears. [It] covers everything from cheekbone to chin line as well as the forehead line." Meanwhile, if you want a softer look that's a little more unique, go for fork bangs, which are short, choppy micro bangs. 

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4. Long/Oval face

Bangs can help balance the length of oval face shapes and give it a more youthful look. A flattering one to try are cropped/micro bangs (they call this "Lea bangs" in Korea), which fall just slightly above the brow. You can also opt for full bangs, but Cha Hong says to make sure to get the wispy kind that softly covers the forehead instead of abruptly cutting it off. "Thick full bangs can make the lower half of the face look longer so it could rather be a bad choice," she explains.


Given all these choices, the hairstylist reminds that our face shape tends to change overtime, especially as we grow older or gain/lose weight. That's why even if you find a bang style that suits you, it's always good to experiment with different looks. "Just like food, you can't eat the food you like the most for all your life," she says. 


Watch Cha Hong's full guide to bangs below:

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