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15 Chic Ways to Style a Bob Haircut

When you want to switch it up.
15 Chic Ways to Style a Bob Haircut
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When you want to switch it up.

A bob is one of those hairstyles that already look good unstyled, which is precisely the reason why so many people prefer it. It's the kind of wash-and-wear hairstyle that's perfect for someone who's always on the go or would rather not spend more than five minutes styling their mane. However, despite that and its short length, you actually have plenty of room to change it up when you need to. Below, we list 15 bob-friendly styles to prove it:

1. Tucked behind the ear

A freshly-cut bob usually requires little to no styling particularly if you were blessed with tame hair. For an everyday look, simply tuck your strands behind your ears for an instantly more polished vibe. You can prep your hair with hair oil or serum beforehand for extra shine and hold, too, especially when it’s extra humid outside but you don’t want to be covered in hairspray.


2. Flat waves

Having hair this short means you can’t do your usual glam waves anymore, but fortunately, you can still add texture with what hairstylist Suyen Salazar calls the “flat wave.” Basically, this is a kind of beach wave that looks more choreographed than natural. Nonetheless, it definitely still has that effortless look to it. The key to this look is not to leave your hair in the iron for too long!

3. Faux half-ponytail

Ponytails aren’t the most flattering on bobs because there’s barely anything for a hair tie to hold. That said, you can still hack your way to it by only tying only half of your hair together, particularly the section at the back. Tuck your untied locks from the front section behind your ear to balance the length. Think of it as another way to do a half-ponytail!

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4. Flipped Ends

If you’re more skilled with a flat iron than a curler, flip the ends of your tresses to create a smooth, vintage vibe. This look looks amazing on narrow face shapes because it’ll open up your features like a curtain and expose more surface area unlike if you were to flip the ends inwards.

5. Flipped ends + Headband

If you love the flipped look but want something breezier (A.K.A. you don’t want hair on your face), brush your hair towards the back of your head and secure it with a headband. Use a straightening iron to flatten your strands and smooth them out, and then do a small flip at the end. Don’t forget to set everything with hairspray!


6. Headband

Speaking of headbands, stocking up on a few will simplify your daily styling routine tenfold. The way you can just slide it over air-dried hair makes it easy enough, but it’s also incredibly useful for when you want a break from your bangs. Need recos for chic headbands? Click here!  

7. Slicked back

Slicked back locks are the bob cut veterans’ secret for a chic yet uncomplicated ‘do for evening events. After you choose between a brushed-up and a parted look, blow dry your hair to make it easier to pat down. And then, grab a tub of pomade (for a matte look) or hair gel (for a wet finish) and run it all over your roots and ends.

8. Wavy

Give fine or thin hair some volume with a full head of bouncy curls made with a medium-sized curling barrel. For an extra lift, flip your tresses in a side part to make the look more relaxed and wearable for everyday.

9. Airy waves

When your bob is already growing into a lob, adding a few airy waves will help you trim a few inches off without doing any actual trimming. Opting for looser curls can soften angular face shapes like square and heart-shaped mugs as well, so don’t forget to brush out your waves before spritzing on some hairspray.


10. Pinned side part

A side part gives you more space to accessorize, so don’t leave your exposed angle bare and play around with hair pins, barrettes, or even earrings! If you need something uncomplicated, go for a double hair pin situation right at the top of your ear to help clip your hair back and add some shine to an otherwise simple ‘do.

11. Messy low bun with accessories

Messy buns have a bad rep for being a last ditch effort to taming a frizzy mane. In fact, a few stray strands on a low bun can be a breezier alternative to beach waves. But if you feel that you need a little something extra, you can always count on hair accessories to save the day. Wear one, two, or even 10 if you’re up for it!

12. Hair pin overload

Aside from a messy 'do, sleek and straight tresses are also great base for when you want to wear an excess of hair accessories. That said, if you still want to stay in polished territory, try to use pins or barrettes in similar shapes, sizes, or colors and line them up neatly or in a pattern.


13. Curtain bangs

The brave souls who chop their locks into a bob usually pair it with a fringe, but as low-maintenance a bob can be, some people’s bangs just grow way too fast. When that happens, part your fringe in the center to free some space over your eyes—like you’re parting a curtain, so to speak. While you’re at it, cop look number four and flip your ends to match.

14. Down and blow-dried

Blow drying straight hair never fails to give you a smoother and more put-together look, especially if you’re rocking a bob. Add a soft yet natural-looking shape by pulling your ends inwards with a round brush as you blast your hair with heat. Do the same to your fringe if you have one!

15. Brushed-up half-ponytail

This style is perfect for evening events and those of you with thick hair. Start off with a spritz of texturizing spray and a quick blow dry, which will add some volume and lift at the top. After, pull hair from each of your temples and then brush the rest of your locks towards the back, before gathering everything in a half-ponytail to seal the deal. For more texture, apply pomade to the lifted areas with your fingers.

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