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10 Things You Need to Know About "Under the Queen's Umbrella" Actor Yoo Seon Ho

10 Things You Need to Know About "Under the Queen's Umbrella" Actor Yoo Seon Ho
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This up-and-coming heartthrob knows how to hold a tune!

Swiftly making it's way to the top spots of Netflix's trending TV shows list is tvN's historical K-dramaUnder The Queen's Umbrella. The sageuk revolves around a queen (Kim Hye Soo) who zhuzhes up her four sons from troublemakers to presentable heir-apparents. One of the princes is the charming Gyeseong, who's portrayed by Produce 101 alumni Yoo Seon Ho

Yoo Seon Ho and Kim Hye Soo in "Under the Queen's Umbrella"
PHOTO BY Under the Queens Umbrella/tvN

Even if you're just a wee bit familiar with him, you're probably already aware that he can carry a tune, having already released a couple of songs here and there. We reckon that it'd be wise to keep your eyes on Seon Ho, since we have a feeling we'll be hearing and seeing more of him soon. 

Learn more about the up-and-coming star through the interesting tidbits we listed below:

10 Fast Facts About Yoo Seon Ho

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_yooseonho
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1. Yoo Seon Ho is an Aquarius

Seon Ho was born on January 28, 2002 in Incheon, South Korea.

2. Yoo Seon Ho is studying at the same school Cha Eun Woo went to

Still working towards a degree at the Hanlim Multi Art School, Seon Ho walks the same hallways as other Hallyu favorites. Some notable alumni from that university include Chae Eun Woo (True Beauty), Cho Yi Hyun (All of Us Are Dead), Ong Seung Wu (At Eighteen) Dahyun of TWICE, Nancy of Momolandthe list goes on!

3. Yoo Seon Ho started out as a contestant on Produce 101

Many first fell in love with Seon Ho when he participated in the 2017 edition of boy band-generating reality show Produce 101. While he didn't make the cut to be a member of Wanna One, the group formed after that particular season, he did manage to make it to the Top 20, holding a candle to the likes of Kang Daniel and Hwang Min Hyun

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_yooseonho

Soon after the show concluded, Seon Ho made several appearances on different talk shows and variety programs. He eventually made his acting debut with the web series Mischievous Detectives.

4. Yoo Seon Ho is managed by Cube Entertainment

Upon launching his acting and singing career, the rookie auditioned and signed with Cube Entertainment, a record label and talent agency known for housing musical acts like BtoB, (G)I-dle, and Lightsum. They also take care of K-drama stars like Na In Woo (Mr. Queen) and Kim Jin Woo (The Return of Hwang Geom-bok)


5. Yoo Seon Ho is a reality show regular

It seems like Produce 101 was only the first of many reality shows that Seon Ho would take part in. After he was catapulted into the scene, the Gen Z star has been featured in numerous titles of different niches, ranging from travel programs like Carefree Travelers, and basketball-themed series like Handsome Tigers

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_yooseonho

6. Yoo Seon Ho made his K-drama debut as a high school bully

Quite contrary to how kind-natured he is in real life, Seon Ho's first major K-drama role was as high school bully Yoo Si-an in 2019's My Strange Hero. The rom-com, headlined by Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah, revolved around a clique of teenagers trying to navigate life after one of them gets wrongfully expelled from school. 

PHOTO BY My Strange Hero/SBS

7. Yoo Seon Ho once played the younger version of So Ji Sub

A little later in his career and Seon Ho landed a part in the 2022 medical-legal drama Doctor Lawyer. The titular role was taken on by Hallyu heartthrob and industry veteran So Ji Sub, with Seon Ho playing his younger self in flashback scenes. 

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Other shows that have become part of his growing resume include the Nam Da Reum-starring The Great Shaman Ga Doo-Shim, and action-thriller Undercover.

Seon Ho in "The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim"
PHOTO BY The Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim/KakaoTV

8. Yoo Seon Ho is making his film debut in How Have You Been 

Set to make his first appearance on the big screen, Seon Ho is cast in the upcoming romantic movie How Have You Been, which will front Bang Min Ah and Lee Ga Sub in the lead roles. The film will follow the story of a struggling singer who returns to her hometown to reunite with a childhood friend. It hasn't been disclosed yet what part Seon Ho will have in the narrative, but it's surely something to look forward to!

9. Yoo Seon Ho is a YouTuber

Initially, Seon Ho's YouTube channel was just a way for him to promote his music and other projects. Since then, it's became an avenue for his supporters to get to know him better through candid vlogs of him at shoots or answering fan questions. Make sure to hit subscribe here.

10. You can follow Yoo Seon Ho on Instagram

And don't forget about his Instagram account, too! Hit follow here for daily updates on this soon-to-be heartthrob.

PHOTO BY Instagram/official_yooseonho

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