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10 Things You Need to Know About "Happiness" Actor Park Hyung Sik

He's part of a K-pop group!
Some know him as a K-pop idol, while others recognize him as Strong Girl Bong-soon's Ahn Min-hyuk. Whichever the case, it's impossible to miss Park Hyung Sik. Known mononymously as Hyungsik, the multi-hyphenate has already had quite the prosperous career for someone

8 Light, Relaxing K-Dramas to Help You Unwind After a Long Day

Find your next feel-good fave here.
There are lots of ways to de-stress after an exhausting day at school or work. Most times, however, a good comfort show is just the thing you need to start feeling better. We're sure you already have your tried-and-true faves memorized, so

Here Are the Exact Gowns Son Ye Jin Wore in Her Wedding Ceremony with Hyun Bin

Son Ye Jin wore not one, but two dresses for the occasion!
It’s already been a few weeks since K-drama royalty couple Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin tied the knot. However, the newly-realeased photos from BinJin couple's ceremony instantly put us back on a wedding high!On April 11, Hyun Bin's agency Vast Entertainment posted a carousel of never-before-seen shots

10 Things You Need to Know About "Thirty-Nine" Actor Yeon Woo Jin

The charming leading man played an exorcist once!
If you’ve been following Son Ye Jin’s drama Thirty Nine, where she plays a dermatologist named Cha Mi-jo, then you’ve probably been enraptured by her sweet and warm-hearted love interest, Kim Seun-woo. He’s the man of everyone’s K-Drama dreams and even the

10 Things You Need to Know About Korean Actor Choi Hyun Wook

Catch this rising talent on Netflix's "Twenty-Five Twenty-One"!
We're pretty sure the word "influencer" was used differently back in 1998. In Netflix's latest coming-of-age K-drama, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, though, Moon Ji-woong kind of fits the mold of what we know it to be today. In it, he's a fashion-savvy high school student

10 Things You Need to Know About "All of Us Are Dead" Star Park Solomon

He has something in common with Song Joong Ki!
All of Us Are Dead has all of us hooked. The Netflix K-drama is far from just being your average zombie thriller, given it's nail-biting, supernatural storyline set against the juvenile hallways of a high school. The show's innate youthfulness isn't just found in

Here's the Real Meaning Behind Gong Yoo's Neck Tattoo in "The Silent Sea"

The actor was dedicated to telling his character Han Yun-jae's story.
One of the gifts that ardent K-drama fans received this holiday season is The Silent Sea, a new Netflix series that dropped on Christmas day. The eight-episode drama is Korean heartthrob Gong Yoo's comeback to the small screen, and old and new

10 Things You Need to Know About Korean Actress Park Shin Hye

You might've seen her in one or two Bench ads.
Park Shin Hye's caliber as a performer is a rare one to come by. Being in the industry for almost two decades now, her acting chops, coupled with her charming looks, make her one of the most lovable faces on our screens—and

The Most Extravagant Gifts That Korean Actors Have Given Their Parents

They've gifted everything from houses, restaurants, to coffee shops!
Just like other celebrities, Korean actors also go through a lot before they become popular in the industry. Some of them started acting at a young age while others had to audition more than a hundred times. So once they achieve their

The Biggest Easter Egg in "Squid Game" That You Probably Missed

The clues about the games were right there all along!
Weeks after the it’s initial release, Squid Game continues to secure its spot on Netflix’s Top 10. In case you haven't caught up yet, the K-drama thriller, follows the different players who compete in a series of childhood games in order to

K-Drama Actor Hwang In Youp Fondly Recalls Memories from When He Lived in Davao City

"I really miss my friends who always treated me with a warm and friendly heart even though I was a foreigner," shared the Korean actor.
Before he became famous, Korean heartthrob Hwang In Youp actually lived in the Philippines to study. The new ambassador of BYS Philippines Skin revealed this in a pre-taped interview sent by the beauty brand to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on September 30.He

8 Korean Celebrities Who Have Talked About Filipino Food

They love our local dishes and delicacies!
We recently found out that The Penthouse star Eugene has packets of sinigang mix in her pantry. She also described what sinigang tastes like and this led us to the idea: Who are the other Korean actors and K-pop idols who have

TikTok Is Going Crazy Over "Squid Game"

#SquidGame is going viral!
The newest psychological thriller and K-drama, Squid Game, currently has the number one spot on Netflix Philippines’ Top 10. Over the past week, people have been hooked on the series and binge-watching episodes. This Netflix original series was inspired by a Korean

Korean Stars You Should Definitely Follow on TikTok

There's a different side to them!
In recent years, Korean news and culture has been a recurring hot topic all over the Philippines. Filipinos have been binge watching K-dramas, listening to songs of K-idol groups, and even dressing in line with K-fashion. It’s safe to say that Filipinos