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Song Joong Ki Plays an Antihero in Netflix's New K-Drama "Vincenzo" and We're All for It

Song Joong Ki Plays an Antihero in Netflix's New K-Drama "Vincenzo" and We're All for It
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The actor reveals what made him accept the role and why he's enjoying every bit of it.

We all know and love Song Joong Ki as the valiant Hallyu star who always manages to steal our hearts. In his most recent projects, he’s remained the dashing hero no matter the story, whether he’s a soldier in modern day Korea, a World War II rebel, or a determined warrior in a mythical land. The same can’t be said for his latest show though, as the actor has surprisingly decided to switch gears this 2021.

Joong Ki currently stars as the titular lead in his latest K-dramaVincenzo. A thrilling dark comedy, it follows Italian lawyer and mafia consigliere Vincenzo Cassano, who was born of Korean descent. When things go awry in his organization after the death of his boss, Vincenzo flies back to South Korea. There, he meets an experienced lawyer named Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin), who ends up aiding him in taking down the country’s worst criminals via equally villainous means. In short, our charming ever-protagonist has now turned into a debonair antihero, and we’re all here for it.

PHOTO BY Netflix

The Hallyu star was particularly drawn to this stark switch-up after having read the show’s script, especially when it came to its unorthodox means of dealing with the story’s villains. “In Korea, recently when I watch the news…some pieces make us so angry that it brings us almost to tears, and I thought that the way the story dealt with and punished the evil was very refreshing,” explained Joong Ki, during a round table interview with media. “[It] was something that I was really satisfied with and something that I thought was very new…So I think that there was a lot of anger inside me to be so satisfied with that aspect of the story as well.“

PHOTO BY Netflix

Considering how much he resonates with Vincenzo, it’s no surprise to hear that Joong Ki actually has a lot in common with his character. “Vincenzo is a character that when something is not right, he acknowledges that it's not right, and he will put it into action right away. I think that aspect is quite similar with my actual personality,” said the actor. “When something happens in my life, whether it’s a situation or an event, if I feel like it is not in line with my common sense, I tend to not be very tolerant about that.”

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With all that said, we’re definitely already intrigued by Vincenzo’s brand of justice. If you are, too, then don't miss this K-drama! Vincenzo currently streams on Netflix with new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m.

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