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8 Iconic K-Dramas That You Can Now Binge-Watch on iFlix for Free

Including classic favorites like Full House and Boys Over Flowers!
It's never too late to get acquainted with today's current silver screen craze! Whether you're a newbie easing your way into the K-drama world or an OG simply looking to rewatch your all time favorite series, below are eight memorable and iconic

Here's Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Watch Netflix's "Trinkets"

Looking for a new teen drama to binge-watch?
After the success of Netflix's original teen shows like the heartfelt comedic-drama Atypical, to their current thrilling series The Society, it seems the streaming-service has moved to straddle the genre's spectrum with their latest release, Trinkets. A teen drama that delves into serious

A Plastic Water Bottle Was Spotted in the Game of Thrones Finale

It's the Starbucks cup thing all over again.
Eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans have something to buzz about yet again. A short mere two weeks after that now-iconic rogue Starbucks cup was spied in episode four of the show's eighth and last season, a plastic water bottle has now been spotted

10 of the Most Watched TV Series on Netflix in 2018

Here are the shows you couldn't get enough of.
Netflix just released its annual year-end list and we have the top 10 television series that's got everyone steadfastly binge-watching episode to episode from night 'til the wee hours of the morning. Check out the list below to find out if your

The New Netflix Releases to Watch Out for in January 2019

To get you excited for the new year!
Start the new year right by binge watching all the fresh films and TV series Netflix has to offer in January 2019. Keep scrolling to check out the eclectic list of selections that will soon be available at your very fingertips.With his

Tyra Banks Is Back on America’s Next Top Model

And just in time for Cycle 24.
The boss is back! Tyra Banks returns on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24 alongside fellow panelists body activist and plus-size model Ashley Graham, Paper Magazine’s Chief Creative Officer and ANTM Creative Consultant Drew Elliott, and self-proclaimed "Image Architect" Law Roach. For the first

Our Favorite Fashion Moments in The Crown Season 2

What would totally have made us double-tap.
Let’s admit: We all went on a Google spree after every juicy new episode of The Crown’s second season. (Before you proceed, here’s a spoiler alert. But really, what are you still doing not devouring episode by episode of the Netflix series

These Game of Thrones Villains Are the Best Dressed Men in Westeros

They have been known to chill, as it were, in the manner a villain would.
The Fall/Winter season of Year 304 A.C.has finally arrived, so you can bet that the lords of Westeros will be layered-up as they head out to fetch their morning coffee from whatever their version of Starbucks is. Expect black, not-so-black, brown, and

These Filming Locations Prove That Westeros Exists in Real Life

Welcome to the realm of the Seven Kingdoms!
If you still can’t stop talking about Game of Thrones’ recently aired seventh season premiere, welcome to the club! We here at Preview HQ are also HUGE fans of the show, which goes without saying that we look forward to getting sucked

There's Going to be a TV Show About Anna Wintour

You've probably watched The Devil Wears Prada a trillion gazillion times by now, but you're officially in for something way, way better: a TV show about American Vogue EIC, Anna Wintour, herself! Sorry, Miranda. You can't beat the real deal.Bravo is cooking up

8 Netflix Shows to Binge Watch During Your Staycation

Get the popcorn ready.
Staying in for the long weekend? No problem. It's the perfect time to relax anyway! Don't worry about getting bored, because that's what Netflix is for. Here's a list of shows to watch while you're on break:Marvel's Jessica JonesIMAGE NetflixJessica Jones is

Which Riverdale Character Is Your Style Twin?

Take fashion tips from Betty and Veronica!
Unless you're living under a rock, then you probably know about everyone's latest TV guilty pleasure: Riverdale. Setting aside the fact that we're still getting used to The CW's dark revamp on the beloved Archie comics, we just can't get enough of

This New TV Series Is The Feminist Answer To Game of Thrones

Plus, we can't get enough of those costumes!
If you loved Game of Thrones and The Tudors, then this brand new period drama is right up your alley. The best part? It's all about women weaving their webs of power in a tumultous royal court! Introducing The White Princess (yes, adapted

5 TV Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Grab some popcorn!
Planning for a chill weekend? Then it's time for another binge-watching session. For maximum comfort and relaxation, maybe you should revisit your old favorites and relish in their excellence once more. Below's a list of TV shows that we loved, love, and