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OMG! This Filipina Designer Is Featured in Netflix's Newest Reality Show for the Rich

Celebrity favorite Charina Sarte has dressed the likes of Sarah Lahbati and Lovi Poe.
There’s a reason why shows about the filthy rich easily gain traction. Aside from getting a peek into a lifestyle far removed from ours, there’s the vicarious satisfaction felt from ogling at their ludicrously extravagant properties, ever-present in the background. This is

Meet the Stylish New Cast of the "Gossip Girl" Reboot Series

Could the new Gossip Girl characters be as fashion-forward as the OG cast? We've put their TV outfits side by side to see which generation is the most stylish.
Last week, HBO Max just released the newest Gossip Girl Reboot! As this entails a new generation of the ever-stylish Upper East Siders, there are unmistakable parallels between them and the original characters we've grown to love.It’s no doubt that the 2007

The Story Behind the Giant Choc Nut in Netflix's Trese

"Release the Trese bar!"
Are you too wondering where you can get your hands on a giant Choc Nut bar? The Choc Nut bar you see in the Netflix anime Trese is a bribe, a gift, from the show's main character to a sewer-dwelling creature named Nuno,

6 Thai BL Dramas to Binge-Watch This Pride Month

Since we're all celebrating Pride month at home.
It looks like 2021 involves yet another Pride month we’ll have to celebrate at home. No matter, there’s always Netflix and YouTube to keep our spirits up this June. If you’re a fan of the BL genre, and are increasingly getting hooked

All the Best Revelations from the "Friends" Reunion Special

Yup, that tension between Ross and Rachel was very real.
We waited 17 long years for the Friends cast to get together again—and it was so, so worth it. For 105 glorious minutes, the gang recounted all the best stories and moments of their lives as Friends characters (and beyond!) in a

10 Work Romance K-Dramas on Netflix That Will Make You Swoon

Need a little more love in your life?
Who doesn’t love a good office romance drama? You’ve got the budding attraction grown from daily interactions, the eventual sneaking around after work hours, and even the exhilarating, at times comic tension that looms over their office space (and colleagues) once things

5 Local Online Stores to Buy Fan-Made K-Drama Merch

Add to cart, please!
Being a K-Drama fan is loads of fun because you get to collectively belong to several fandoms all at once, experience indulgent plotlines and well-written stories, and of course, there’s the pleasure of fangirling over all our favorite actors and actresses. With

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This June 2021

Who else is excited for "Hospital Playlist: Season 2"?
Update your watch list with 10 more Netflix releases this June, including the second season of Hospital Playlist, and the romantic drama Nevertheless, starring Song Kang and Han So Hee.Check out the full list of exciting new films and TV shows coming

7 Romantic C-Dramas You Won't Regret Watching

You can soon stream them all online, too!
No one does tooth-rotting, kilig-worthy romance better than Asians, and Korean drama fans can especially attest to that. That said, if you’ve exhausted all the K-dramas in your library that pass the genre, don’t stress about looking for more because you can

TV Shows You Need to Binge-Watch on Netflix Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find out what show you're most likely compatible with!
Have you ever started watching a Netflix show but found yourself dropping it because it simply wasn’t your type? With all the content on the streaming platform, we don’t blame you, especially when you feel like you can always find something better

11 Philippine Adaptations of Famous K-Dramas You Might Have Missed

From "My Girl" to "My Love from the Star" and a lot more.
Imagine this: It’s the early 2000s, dinner’s finished, you’ve got fresh clothes on, and you’re about to turn on your favorite Koreanovela through your local channel. Sounds familiar, right? It’s no secret that even before we could easily search them on Netflix,

A Game of Thrones Stage Play Is in the Works

It's slated to open in 2023.
Beloved fantasy drama, Game of Thrones ended in 2019 after eight compelling seasons. And while most fans have already recovered from the epic series ender and moved on with their lives, there are others who were just really excited at the possibility of

The "Friends" Reunion Special Has Finished Taping and We Can't Wait to Watch It

Plus all the details you need to know about the much-anticipated episode.
PSA: The Friends reunion has finally finished filming and our favorite Central Perk gang is coming back to our screens real soon! The show’s official Instagram account teased the exciting news yesterday, April 11, in true Chandler Bing fashion, writing: “That’s a

10 Heartwarming K-Dramas to Watch if You Miss Your Friends

These shows prove platonic friendships are just as important as romantic ones.
More often than not, we find ourselves on the lookout for heart eyes, butterflies, and romance in K-dramas, but what if today isn’t that kind of day? Sometimes, all we want is something to remind us that platonic relationships are just as

Movies and Shows to Watch if You Still Don't Know What You Want in Life

These will reassure you and inspire you every step of your journey to self-discovery.
Growing closer to adulthood often means you'll be expected to have your life figured out. But more often than not, that's not exactly the case. Some people find what their purpose is early on in life, but others take much longer than thatâand

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This April 2021

We can finally catch "Tale of the Nine Tailed" on Netflix!
Update your watch list with 10 more Netflix releases this April, including Kim Bum’s thrilling court drama, Law School, and Lee Dong Wook’s tvN fantasy series, Tale of the Nine Tailed.Check out the full list of exciting new films and TV shows