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Netflix Is Planning to Launch N-Plus. Here's What That Means

N-Plus could be coming to your screens soon.
"Plus" seems to be the ultimate buzzword for streaming devices. After Disney+, Paramount+, Apply TV+, and ESPN+, Netflix might just join the bandwagon with "N-Plus," a behind-the-scenes content hub separate from the main Netflix platform.Netflix is reportedly surveying select users for its

TV Shows You Need to Binge-Watch on Netflix Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Find out what show you're most likely compatible with!
Have you ever started watching a Netflix show but found yourself dropping it because it simply wasn’t your type? With all the content on the streaming platform, we don’t blame you, especially when you feel like you can always find something better

Did You Know? "Girl From Nowhere" Star KITTYCHICHA Played a Huge Part in Creating Nanno

We talked to Kitty and she spilled the worst thing Nanno could ever do in the series.
It's official: Nanno is back. The second season of the hit Thai mystery show Girl From Nowhere is coming to Netflix on May 7! Looking through the comments section of the teaser, it seems that Filipino fans are positively buzzing with excitement. Kitty Chicha Amatayakul stars as

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This May 2021

Catch "Girl from Nowhere: Season 2" and four new Korean titles this May on Netflix.
Update your watch list with 10 more Netflix releases this May, including the second season of Girl From Nowhere, and the upcoming Netflix Korean original series Move to Heaven.Check out the full list of exciting new films and TV shows coming to

Everything We Know So Far About Netflix's Live-Action Gundam Movie

The movie is still in the early stages of development.
It's official: We're getting a live-action adaptation of Gundam. We know what you're thinking... yet another American-produced reboot. But, this one is in good hands with Netflix and Legendary Pictures (the same producers as Pacific Rim and Godzilla vs. Kong).Here's everything we

Netflix Is Planning to Launch 40 Anime Titles in 2021

We're already excited.
Anime is getting bigger and bigger on Netflix, and it's about to get even better. According to reports, Netflix is bringing more Japanese-style anime titles to the platform.Netflix made the announcement during AnimeJapan 2021, virtually, over the weekend. The streaming service is

Netflix Is Working on a Film "Rooted" in Filipino Mythology!

Inside Out's Filipino co-director Ronnie del Carmen will helm the film.
Yup, it's really happening! In an interview with Cartoon Brew (as reported by, artist, writer, director, and proud Pinoy Ronnie del Carmen confirmed that he's going to be a consultant and producer for multiple Netflix projects. He's worked on Prince Of

All the New Netflix Releases We're Excited to Watch This April 2021

We can finally catch "Tale of the Nine Tailed" on Netflix!
Update your watch list with 10 more Netflix releases this April, including Kim Bum’s thrilling court drama, Law School, and Lee Dong Wook’s tvN fantasy series, Tale of the Nine Tailed.Check out the full list of exciting new films and TV shows

Did You Know? Korea Has Actually Nicknamed Song Kang the "Son of Netflix"

With "Love Alarm 2," the actor now has three Netflix Originals under his belt!
It’s one thing to make your big break as an actor on the world’s most famous streaming service, but to be actually referred to as the “Son of Netflix” is a whole different level! Yes, the nickname exists—and in case you’ve been

Yikes! Netflix Might Prevent Password Sharing with Your Friends Soon

“If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.”
You know that Netflix account you share with your college friends, workmates, and extended family? Well, you might have to break the news to them soon that they’ll have to get their own accounts.The streaming giant, which allows a maximum of four