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Here's Our Dream Fab Five for a Filipino Queer Eye Spin-Off

We're waiting, Netflix.
Here's Our Dream Fab Five for a Filipino Queer Eye Spin-Off
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We're waiting, Netflix.

Netflix's Queer Eye reboot, hands down, has a fantastic cast (find out why you should watch it here). But after watching the show's second season, we couldn't help but wonder how a local version would look like. Don't deny it—we know you have men in your life you'd nominate for a makeover, too! In fact, we already have a vision for what could be the perfect Filipino Fab Five. Ready to meet our dream team? Keep scrolling!



Karamo Brown is in charge of helping the nominee break out of his shell, so for our Fab Five, we can't think of a better fit than host, events pro, and Preview Best Dressed Man Tim Yap. Anyone can learn a thing or two from Tim about owning their personality. It doesn't hurt that he knows the hottest spots in the city, too, so the nominee would know exactly where to go to expand his circle. Also, we can imagine him giving the best pep talks.

STYLE: Vince Uy

In our heads, creative director (Preview's very own!) and stylist Vince Uy is Queer Eye Manila's style guy. Just like Tan France, Vince knows his way around tucks, prints, and suits, not to mention imparting some fashion advice is second nature to him because of his job titles. His Instagram account already gives you style cues for free, but a one-on-one consultation? We'd sign up for that, too!

GROOMING: Jigs Mayuga

Other than having a killer facial hair game like Queer Eye's current groomer Jonathan Van Ness, Jigs is also one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the country. That's why even if teaching a man to navigate a grooming routine (let alone convincing him to maintain one) could be a challenge, we trust him to show them exactly how it's done. As a bonus, he can even give them a CrossFit tutorial to help tone those muscles!


DESIGN: Nix Alañon

Interior designer Nix Alañon, another Best Dressed lister, is the man behind the design studio FTA Design and furniture manufacturer Phoenix Home. He has designed some of the most stylish homes and business spaces in the city, including the Belo Clinic in S Maison, Desiderata, Mesa Filipino Moderne, and Barcino. Hence, if there's anyone we can see transforming a broken down home into the chicest space ever, it would be him.

FOOD: Miko Aspiras

Our food guru is none other than the pastry chef behind some of Manila's guiltiest treats, Miko Aspiras. Miko is the mind to blame for the naughty doughnuts of Poison and your favorite comfort food at Le Petit Soufflé. We believe his knack for both the delicious and delightful gives him the potential to make cooking great again for the everyday guy who's culinarily-challenged. Not to mention, we're also dying to cop his baking secrets, so we're hoping he spills some of them on-air. Antoni's guacamole who?