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Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Nix Alañon

We love his eclectic sense of style.
Preview Best Dressed Men 2017: Nix Alañon
IMAGE Jeanne Young
We love his eclectic sense of style.

With a keen sense of design and a meticulous eye for detail, it's no wonder design consultant Nix Alañon ended up on the Preview Best Dressed list. As the principal designer for FTA Design (his eponymous design studio), Nix's aesthetic has been fine-tuned to gravitate towards something chic, modern, and eclectic, and that definitely resonates with his personal style.

From mixing prints to sporting off-kilter silhouettes, he isn't afraid to throw in something unexpected for that extra sartorial zing. Read on and find out what makes this designer a style star.  

IMAGE Jeanne Young

How do you ensure you look unique or different from everyone else?

"I like to mix different patterns. I guess I'm very adventurous that way. I like to mix different materials when I style myself. But on the other hand, I also have this side of me where, on some days, I gravitate towards the simplest, most basic outfits." 

How do you stay stylish without becoming a slave to what's trendy?

"Comfort is key. You have to think about what you're wearing, and also consider the weather of the place you're living in, especially in the Philippines. With my job, I go to a lot of construction sites, I go from one meeting to another, so I'm out the whole day. I normally wear clothes that are comfortable, not very thick, and don't cling to the body too much."

IMAGE Jeanne Young

What outfit best describes your personal style?

"It has to be something eclectic. It depends on my mood. I could wake up one morning and wear a printed shirt with printed pants, probably printed shoes, as well. And the next day I could dress as simple as a plain shirt, jeans, and sneakers or sandals."

What's one piece of clothing or styling hack you always rely on?


"When I go out at night and have nothing to wear but want to leave as fast as I can, I would resort to wearing a dark-colored outfit paired with some fun shoes. It's the easiest. Just get a black outfit and some funky shoes! You're done."

IMAGE Jeanne Young

How do you approach dressing up for events versus dressing for down time?

"If I know where I'm going, I try to think about the interiors as well. The vibe of the place is something you need to, not exactly match, but you need to consider that, too. Versus when I'm in my down time, I'm very casual and comfortable. I mean look at what I'm wearing now, I'm wearing my pyjamas out!"

IMAGE Jeanne Young

Accessories can make or break the man. Any advice on how to use this to your advantage?

"The more the merrier. I love accessories. I think with the shoot today I changed my ring three or four times already. I really think it completes an outfit. Sometimes that's all you need. You can wear a plain white shirt with jeans and a nice ring, and that's enough to make a statement."

Photographed by Jeanne Young

Grooming by Omar Ermita

Art Direction by Mark Buenaobra

Sittings editors: Steph Sison and Maura Rodriguez