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10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Chae Soo Bin

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actress Chae Soo Bin
IMAGE Rookie Cops/Disney+, INSTAGRAM/soobinms
She stars in the Disney+ K-drama "Rookie Cops".

Stepping foot into a career as public as being an actress takes a lot of perseverance, especially when you do it in your 20s. Chae Soo Bin, however, continues to prove that she's capable of taking on this path with her head held high, scoring one major role after another. Considering she had no intentions of becoming a famous actress until an unexpected encounter on the street, Soo Bin also shows us that the things we never thought about trying could actually be what we're best at if only we give them a chance.

Perhaps now may be a good time to get to know the Korean star better, who serves not just as a K-beauty icon, but as an inspiration to many. After all, with all the big roles she’s landing, it looks like there’s no stopping Soo Bin from making her name known across the globe.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Korean actress Chae Soo Bin:

chae soo bin facts

1. She's a Cancer

Soo Bin is a South Korean actress born on July 10, 1994. Her birth name is Bae Soo Bin.

2. She was discovered while simply walking down a street

It really is true that life-changing opportunities can sprout from the smallest, most unexpected moments. For Soo Bin, it was when she was handed a business card while she was walking on the street on her way home from school. Little did she know that contacting that card would lead her to a signed contract with Toin Entertainment and a promising future in the K-drama industry.

chae soo bin facts

3. She made her onscreen debut in 2014

Before being the K-drama leading lady she is now, Soo Bin's first exposure to the public as an actress began with small background roles. In 2014, she made her first silver screen appearance as an extra in the movie My Dictator, which also happens to be a film about a passionate stage actor who encounters a career-defining opportunity after only getting small roles.

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4. Her breakout role was in "Love in the Moonlight"

Chae Soo Bin’s career skyrocketed when she gained recognition for playing Jo Ha-yeon in the 2016 show Love in the Moonlight. The historical drama revolves around the relationship between Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) and a eunuch named Hong Ra-on (Kim Yoo Jung)

5. She's bagged multiple acting awards

In a span of eight years in the entertainment industry, Soo Bin was able to gain praise from fans, co-actors, and even well-established institutions by appearing in over 10 successful shows, including I’m Not a Robot and Strongest Deliveryman. In fact, even when she was still in her rookie years, she'd already earned herself Best New Actress wins from the 2015 KBS Drama Awards and APAN Star Awards.

Of course, Soo Bin has stayed humble through it all and admits that she still has room for improvement. She is, however, proud of herself for becoming a better actress after each role she takes on. In an interview, she even notes, “You don’t realize how far you’ve come when you’re climbing up a hill, but it suddenly dawns on you later.”

6. She starred in two consecutive historical dramas

A year after appearing in Love in the Moonlight, Soo Bin also scored a main role in Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People. When asked about the difference between the two, Soo Bin jokingly answered, "The difference between the two dramas was that one was hot because it was shot in the summer, and the other was cold because it was shot in the winter." She then later on added that the experience of feeling like she's actually living in the era is what makes filming historical dramas fun. 


7. She's been landing roles in productions each year since her debut

When we said there's no stopping this actress from making a name for herself globally, we really mean it. Since her role as an extra in 2014, Soo Bin has been working her way to scoring bigger characters in bigger productions. In an interview, she even talked about how she continues to stay passionate and ambitious by booking more projects. "I actually feel nervous when I don't work," she said. "Good opportunities come to me one after another, I just don't want to miss anything. I'm happy."

In 2022 alone, she scored leading roles for two international streaming platforms. For Netflix's The Fabulous, the actress plays Pyo Ji-eun, a girl with big dreams in the fashion field. Meanwhile, in Disney+'s Rookie Cops, Soo Bin portrays Go Eun-gang, a relatable troublemaker chasing after her unrequited love. She even got the trendiest haircut for the role, which you can spot in the trailer below!

8. The agency King Kong by Starship handles her career

After joining Toin Entertainment, Soo Bin eventually transferred to King Kong by Starship, a South Korean talent agency established in 2009. The company specializes in public entertainment and is also home to other actors like Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, and Yoo Yeon Seok.

chae soo bin facts

9. She's an animal lover

Soo Bin is an actress with a big heart, and it looks like Mata and Panda, her adorable dogs, take up a huge chunk of it! In an interview where she was asked about the kinds of roles she still wants to try, she talked about how she would love to do a project related to animals. "I love animals so much, so I want to do a piece in which I connect with animals," said the actress. 

chae soo bin facts

10. She's on Instagram

Soo Bin always gets the sweetest comments from her fans on Instagram, and we can definitely see why. The actress loves sharing photos that have enough good vibes to brighten up someone's day. From cute snaps with her dog to aesthetic selfies with her charming smile, her feed never fails to showcase her bright personality. In case you haven't found it yet, you can see more of her at @soobinms!

chae soo bin facts

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