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Sanya Lopez Has the Perfect Fresh "No-Makeup" Makeup Routine You Should Follow

Sanya Lopez Has the Perfect Fresh "No-Makeup" Makeup Routine You Should Follow
IMAGE Sanya Lopez
She actually advises to skip the foundation and contour instead.

Actress Sanya Lopez doesn’t believe in wearing a lot of makeup. And what she means by a lot, is that she opts to skip base products like primer, concealer, foundation and the like to make her natural skin shine through. The result is a fresh glow that you’d definitely want for yourself. But contrary to popular no makeup makeup routines you’ve probably seen a lot of celebrities and influencers do, Sanya’s include contouring and applying eyeshadow. And we must say, her method looks far more flattering than simply doing your brows, dabbing on lip and cheek tint and stepping out the door.

Why is that? Watch Sanya's 5-Minute Beauty video to find out why sculpting and contouring is a must to enhance your features naturally, and learn how it creates a more dimensional yet still “I woke up like this” look.

Based on Sanya’s get-ready-with-me reel, here are three tips you should apply the next time you put on makeup to get that snatched yet natural glow.


1. Try to contour based on your face shape. Sanya knows her face and skin tone well and picks a warm toned contour color so the effect will look a lot more natural. Also, try extending your nose contour to your eye crease to define your eye shape more.

2. Apply eyeshadow with your fingers. Applying your eyeshadow with your finger actually gives off a softer finish.

3. Don’t overdraw your brows. To really get that “I woke up like this” finish, don’t obviously fill in or shape your brows. Make sure your natural hairs are seen and try to maintain your natural brow shape as much as possible.

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