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Here's How Martine Ho Does Her "No-Makeup" Makeup Look

Cop Martine's everyday face!
When someone like Martine Ho drops her beauty routine, we naturally have to take notes. The Sunnies creative director shared how she achieves her everyday makeup look step-by-step on her IG stories, including with the exact products she uses.In the stories, you can tell

How to Build a "No-Makeup" Makeup Kit for Under P1000

Create your go-to beauty look on a budget.
Makeup shopping on a budget is easier than you think, especially if you prefer a minimal and barely-there face. After all, splurging on products is optional, because amazing products exist at every price range. To prove it, we created our own budget-friendly makeup

15 Best BB Creams to Try, According to Your Skin Type

For that "your skin, but better" vibe.
BB creams used to seem like a fleeting product trend, originating from Germany and gaining popularity once it hit Korea. But years later, many beauty enthusiasts still swear by this non-foundation as their go-to base product—the way that it bridges makeup and

How to Achieve Kim Chiu's "No-Makeup" Look in 5 Minutes

Her makeup artist Albert Kurniawan shows us how it's done!
Celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan glams up the likes of Heart Evangelista and Pia Wurtzbach on a regular basis, so surely, any beauty challenge that comes his way should be a piece of cake. That said, Kim Chiu, one of his celebrity muses, dared the

Here's How Erich Gonzales Does Her "No Makeup" Makeup Look

So fresh and so easy to do!
If you love the minimal makeup looks that Erich Gonzales has been sporting on her Instagram photos, then you'll also love the newest upload on her YouTube channel. Following her three-step skincare routine, the actress also shared how she achieves her barely-there, "no

6 Timeless Beauty Looks Celebrity Makeup Artists Swear By

Check out these pro tips for a look that won't go out of style!
We're all about updating out makeup routines, but the classics can beat the latest craze online any day. Below, six makeover masters reveal their thoughts on timeless beauty looks that transcend trends.For Denise Go-Ochoa, flushed cheeks are universally flattering, especially in our

LOTD: Mariel Padilla's Glowing "No-Makeup" Look Is So Easy to Cop

No, seriously!
When your skin has reached peak glow, light should bounce right off of it like a reflector. We know—that sounds totally impractical given our hot climes, but celebrity makeup artist Mark Qua would like to prove otherwise. Here's an ultra-dewy, "no-makeup" makeup

7 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Minimal Makeup

You only need five minutes to look good.
Truth be told, no-makeup looks are a challenge to perfect. It's one of the most difficult ones to do. There's just so much to consider—like making sure your foundation or brow pencil are barely noticeable. A simpler option? Do minimal makeup instead and

5 Products That Will Make You Skip Foundation Entirely

With your skin still looking A+!
On days when you want to give your face a break from foundation, try these lightweight makeup products to achieve a clear, smooth complexion. Stay until the end for the skin care secret for getting rid of scars and discoloration so you

LOTD: Check Out Megan Young's No-Makeup Look Essentials

She brings these to the beach, too!
Packing light for the beach is possible, even if you're a beauty junkie. Just look at Megan Young, whose "beach face" only requires three products. You barely even have to think with this one!The beauty queen shared this au naturel look on Instagram, revealing

LOTD: How to Recreate Coleen Garcia's Fresh-Faced Glow

You only need three things!
Need inspiration for your summer looks? You can always count on Coleen Garcia. This mestiza beauty wears fresh and minimal makeup regularly, even to big events like press launches. Just recently, she wore this almost au naturel look that took our breath

9 Blogger-Approved Products to Upgrade Your Daily Makeup Routine

Key secrets to looking fresh all day.
Next to celebrities, bloggers are experts at looking camera-ready. That's why we've always been curious about what happens behind-the-scenes of every post, especially in the beauty department. How exactly do these double-tap worthy creatives look so good every day? In addition to

LOTD: Kara Gozali's No-Makeup Look

She's smitten by Glossier.
Kara Gozali shows off her no-makeup look on Instagram wearing a full face of Glossier. Her five-step routine? Skin tint, concealer, brow mascara, highlighter, and lip balm. And if we're being honest, we would've fell for it if she hashtagged the post

All the Products You Need to Perfect the No-Makeup Look

Build the ultimate natural beauty kit!
It may not look like it, but the no-makeup makeup is one of the most challenging beauty looks out there. The trick? It's all about the skin. Below, we list the essentials to this highly sought-after look (with a few pointers on

How To Look Good Even Without Mascara

Yes, it’s possible!
Browse through the backstage photos of the Spring 2016 shows of Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, and Prada and you’ll notice something missing—coated lashes, an odd turn since Fall was pretty much all about the comeback of spider lashes and graphic twiggy fringes. But

5 Things We Hate Hearing When We Don't Wear Makeup

Just let our bare faces be, please.
There will always be those days when you wake up late and there’s no choice but to rush out, that or you’re just too lazy to put your face on. It’s normal. Sometimes you need to let your skin breathe, too. What’s

Beauty Trends That Will Carry Over To 2015

Not everything about 2014 should be left behind.
One day you’re in and the next day you’re out—the saying goes not just for fashion as it is also very true in the beauty department. While ombre locks and a few other 2014 trends failed to make the cut (see list