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Here's How to Do Your Makeup for a "Business Look"

For when you need a boost before a big meeting!
While there are no set rules about whether you should wear makeup to work, we can't deny that having a touch of your favorite products on your skin can instantly boost your confidence. Model and now-designer Alexa Chung agrees, sharing her own

How to Look Flawless with Barely-There Makeup Like Jennylyn Mercado

Look dewy and fresh with just a few products!
If you're a fan of a low-maintenance makeup routine, Jennylyn Mercado's latest beauty look is for you. Her makeup artist, Rick Martell Calderon, did a gorgeous barely-there makeup look on her just recently. But how exactly did he bring out Jen's glow

Try This Trick for Natural-Looking, Barely-There Eyeliner

Makeup artists swear by it.
When your eyes need more than a coat of mascara to look alive, don't hesitate to reach for some eyeliner. You'll be surprised how it can define your eyes in ways mascara can't, and you won't even need to draw a wing!

These Are the Best Local Products for a 5-Minute No-Makeup Look

For the minimalist.
A no-makeup makeup look is perhaps every Filipina's go-to. You could even call it our signature, it being our secret weapon to looking fresh despite our humid weather. That said, it only makes sense that our homegrown makeup brands should know this

Here's a 5-Minute Makeup Hack to Achieve Glowing Skin

Makeup magic never lets us down.
Typically, it would take months before your new skin care routine shows you results. You have to wait at least a month to see a difference, and even longer to get a drastic transformation. It'll take time, but the results will definitely

How to Do Your Makeup Like a Minimalist

It'll take you just ten minutes.
Less makeup and more skin is the ticket to looking younger and cooler with ease. Here's your five-step guide to a beauty routine that's stripped down to the basics:1. BaseBefore everything else, touch base first. A minimalist face banks on flawless foundation

How to Contour Without Looking Like You Did

Harsh lines? Where?
Subtle contouring is the no-makeup look of sculpting. That's because it manages to define your bone structure while keeping the look natural—almost as if you didn't contour at all. And the best part? You don't need professional skills to do it on

LOTD: This Makeup Routine Is Perfect for Lazy Days

Look fresh-faced like a supermodel.
More often than not, the busy girl's daily beauty struggle has a lot to do with time management. You know the exact look that you want for the day, but the problem is you only have a maximum of 10 minutes to

How to Achieve Great Skin Without Using Foundation

Don't be scared to flaunt your naked face!
When it comes to our makeup, we love keeping things easy and natural. Plus, when you live in a forever-humid country, having a layer of foundation on your whole face may feel sticky and heavy by midday. Scared of wearing a naked

The 5 Secrets to Achieving the No-Makeup Look

We got celebrity makeup artist Anthea Bueno to spill the beans!
The no-makeup look is more complicated than it sounds. Although the name itself suggests au naturel, it’s no secret that achieving this supposedly “effortless lewk" requires the actual use of makeup. And to be quite honest, it’s even more difficult to keep

LOTD: Karlie Kloss' Barefaced Glow

Get gloss like the Kloss.
Our favorite facet of the strobing trend is still the glowy no-makeup look. It has a timeless kind of simplicity and overall carefree feel that anyone can pull off. What's more, it's the look that proves how there's no need to swipe

The Best Tinted Moisturizers For the No-Makeup Look

Fake flawless skin in an instant!
There isn’t any better time to be your true self than now. And after hearing that Kim Kardashian is finally ready to let go of contouring, we’re sensing that a retrograde to the noughties is set take place with the return of

10 Lipstick Shades to Ace Your No-Makeup Look

Because we all want to look fresh!
The no-makeup look will always be a winner for us. Apart from BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and the new kid on the block, cushion compacts, what you need to ace this look are lipsticks that will add color to your face without

Here’s How Yassi Pressman Does Her No-Makeup Look

She revealed her secret to looking au naturel!
Contrary to general belief, nailing the “no-makeup look” requires actual makeup. Some would say that this is easier to achieve, but most makeup artists would argue that it’s even way more complicated. But this, we know: as far as the au naturel

7 Beauty Essentials to Cheating the No-Makeup Look

Science your way to achieving that #iwokeuplikethis selfie.
Just so we’re clear, the no-makeup look still requires the use of makeup. Not all of us are confident to step out of the house with absolutely no makeup on, so a little cheating is in order. Don’t worry, we’re here to