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6 Outrageous Beauty Looks We Spotted at Coachella

Pastel hair is still in!
6 Outrageous Beauty Looks We Spotted at Coachella Pastel hair is still in!

No other festival like Coachella has created a look so defined that festival goers from across the globe reference it each time they attend concerts or other functions similar to it. It’s the place where everyone’s inner gypsy or bohemian flowerchild comes out to play, as people dress themselves in boots, billowy tops and tunics, cut-offs, and layers and layers of necklaces, bangles, and rings. As for the beauty department, some would go as far as sporting a different hair color for each day or getting over-the-top manicures that look like the inside of a kaleidoscope. Here we take a look at some of those beauty looks that made us do a double take.


A few days before the festival, Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens set the bar high with her bedazzled matte manicure with metallic accents.

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She was also spotted wearing metallic accents along her forehead. You have to match your face with your manicure, of course!


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Katy Perry kept it fairly simple with clean makeup and pair of pastel pink buns on her head.

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Speaking of pastel hair, here’s Kylie Jenner sporting cotton candy braids and metallic matte lips. (PS: She’s wearing HEIR from her Kylie Lip Kit.)

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Prior to that, she was also seen sporting vibrant orange locks with dark roots creeping from beneath.

Blogger Chiara Ferragani also got in on the bedazzled forehead trend sporting rainbow colored smiley faces and a purple bindi.

Photos from @kyliejenner, @vanessahudgens, @katyperry, and @chiaraferragni on Instagram

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